How Not to Die Alone!

If you are single and dating online, How Not To Die Alone by Logan Ury is a MUST READ. (She is the Director of Relationship Science for Hinge.) I consumed most of it in one sitting, riveted by all the research and science she included that explains why online dating can be a struggle because […]

Bouncing Back from Disappointment

Disappointment. We’ve all been there. Whether it was the promising new relationship, the job interview that seemed so right, the passion project that didn’t pan out, we have all known the disappointment of not having our big dream met. Even though the feelings of loss and sadness that come with disappointment totally suck, there are […]

Desiring Love: It’s in Your DNA

Have you ever wondered why we humans seek a soulmate? What is it about us that craves this deep connection to another? Where does our yearning come from? Are we genetically designed to be mated? One fascinating and possible answer comes from Aristophanes, the acclaimed playwright and philosopher of ancient Athens. He offers a wild […]

Are You Pushing Miracles Away?

Creating miracles in your life, manifesting your desires, and co-creating your dream life with the Universe is available to all of us once you learn the simple, but not always easy, steps, to success. Sometimes we get in our own way. There once was a woman who saw on the television that her neighborhood was […]

I don’t care how spiritual you are

Do you want to know what makes me swoon? Beautiful, insightful, profound writing. I recently discovered this essay on Facebook, written by Taylor Rose Godfrey and have gotten her permission to share it with all of you. She really dives deep into the heart of true spirituality. “I don’t care how spiritual you are. How […]

Finally, some good news….

According to the Vedic tradition, we are now in what is called Kali Yuga, the age of darkness and ignorance. A time when people further down the path of dishonesty, and virtue is of little value. Liars and hypocrites rise. The human diet is now ‘dirty’, and the environment is now polluted. Supposedly this will […]

Wabi Sabi Quarantine

Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese aesthetic of seeking to discover beauty and perfection in imperfection. It seeks to find the beauty in things that are old, worn, imperfect or impermanent. When we are in a situation beyond our control, and are finding ourselves highly annoyed or frustrated with someone’s behavior, that is the time […]

Staying Centered and Sane in A Crazy World

Lately many of my conversations with friends have been around just how stressed out everyone is. More than normal. Anxiety. Fear. Depression. Uncertainty. All seem to be rampant. My theory is that we all have our “usual” mishigosh to deal with and now, with all the troubles in the world, we’re also feeling the collective […]

What’s Your Love Language?

After I got married I found out there is something so much more important than being “right.” It’s being “loved.” I discovered that when I was committed to being “right,” it always meant making someone else “wrong.” As you know, feeling wrong does not go well with feeling loved. So many of us like to […]

A faster Way to Manifest Your Desires

Like most people, I want what I want, when I want it and I want it now. And the word “want” is a surefire way not to get it. Huh? Wanting implies that something is missing. It implies lack. And when you are in the state of wanting, all the Universe can give you is […]