A Prayer for Lovers

This weekend we were blessed to participate in the wedding of our beautiful Goddaughter Rachel Wohl and her soulmate Andrew Reego. Even as a writer, it’s hard for me to come up with the words to describe the amazingness of the event. Brian has always referred to Rachel as his “evolutionary love bean” to describe […]

The Simple Way to Change Your Destiny

In today’s guest blog, my dear friend and holy woman, Sadhviji, simply and elegantly explains a simple way to change your destiny. A Stanford graduate who was raised in Los Angeles and moved to India 25 years ago, Sadhviji is recognized as one of the world’s leading female spiritual leaders. Thoughts are tickets to our […]

Happy Ending of my Dark Night of the Soul

The fall of 1990 plunged me into the worst year of my life. I had built a successful PR firm in Beverly Hills, representing top hotels, art galleries, and real estate firms. I was earning heaps of money, managing a staff of eight, and operating out of 2,000 square feet of prime Wilshire Blvd office […]

Is It Time to Make Your F$%K – It List?

A few months ago, when I turned 71, something inside me woke up… the part of me that decided that FREEDOM is now one of my highest values. For me, FREEDOM looks like being able to say NO to just about anything I don’t want to do. FREEDOM looks like reducing responsibilities and eliminating deadlines […]

Things I LOVE About Being a Baby Boomer

Let’s start with the music. My very first 45 (a vinyl record with 2 songs, one of the front, one on the back) was I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles. I played it over and over again on my pink and white portable record player. The first poster I taped to the ceiling […]

Surfing the Waves of Uncertainty

Every morning, I’m greeted by the sight of surfers conquering the waves outside my window. It’s a breathtaking view, especially considering that Bird Rock, our local break, is reserved for the most skilled riders. They brave a challenging cliff descent to the water’s edge and a lengthy paddle just to position themselves for the thrill. […]

What the HECK is Pan Sexual?

I’m confused. While watching a talk show recently, a famous actor was explaining that after being married with a child for many years, he is now 55, divorced but still best friends with his Ex AND currently calls himself “pansexual.” He said he now dates both men and women, which to me sounded like bi-sexual. […]

WHY we yearn for a Beloved

Have you ever wondered where our yearning to be connected to another comes from? And are you curious as to why we have an innate desire to share our lives with a soulmate? One fascinating and possible answer comes from Aristophanes, the acclaimed ​comic playwright​ and philosopher of ​ancient Athens​. He offers a wild tale […]

Is This a Reason NOT to Love Them?

People can be annoying. It’s just a basic fact of life. And when we are annoyed, it creates upset and stress in our body, mind, and spirit. Not to mention the trouble we can cause if we get annoyed and then immediately lash out and create even more drama. It’s taken me years to train […]

Healing Pain and Illness (and be your own cure)

I am reaching out because I want to share something important and close to my heart. And because I care about you, our future, and the younger generations. As we all know, illness has been increasing in our world. And research has projected that it’s going to continue to increase exponentially! If you or someone […]