What is Love Anyway?

Did you know that in the Persian language there are 80 words for love? In Sanskrit there are 96 words and in Greek there are 7. Sadly, in English we only have 1 word for love. Thus, it isn’t surprising that love means something different to just about everyone. Love is one of those things […]

The Fastest Path to Loving Yourself More

I have come across so many people who tell me that they are “working” on loving themselves, and once they do THEN, they will begin dating. I believe you can and should do both at the same time. Guess what? One of the fastest ways to love yourself MORE is to be in a healthy, […]

Let’s Be Great Lovers

Being a great lover is more than mastering the Kama Sutra. On the deepest level it’s not so much about sex, it’s about leading (and loving) with an open, generous, and flexible heart. As much as most of us resist change, we must accept that we change, our partners change, and circumstances change. “To love […]

LOVE: What Are YOU Needed For?

My sister Debbie loved her Rabbi, Baruch Ezagui, particularly for his deep wisdom and very special storytelling prowess. One day the Rabbi shared with me a very profound story about what love is and what love is not. The Salmon, the Fisher, and the King A fisherman was fishing in the middle of nowhere. He […]

Miraculous Breadcrumbs, Signs, & Symbols

The road to manifestation is not always a straight line, and in the end, we may manifest something unexpected but much more fulfilling. This is why, when I am manifesting my heart’s desire, I also say a prayer ending with “thank you for fulfilling my desire or that which is in my highest and best […]

When Do You Talk to God?

My sister Debbie loved many things and among her favorites were gospel music and prayer. There is a performer who has written a Grammy-nominated song, I Need A Favor, that I know would make her heart sing. His name is Jellyroll, and he spent 12 years in prison for many crimes including drugs, robbery, assault, […]

Happiness is NOT a Feeling

Most people think happiness is a feeling, but did you know there is a science of happiness? According to Harvard professor and happiness expert Arthur Brookes, feelings are simply evidence of happiness. Real happiness is a combination of satisfaction, enjoyment, and meaning. Happiness is a sense that life has a direction to it. It’s not […]

It’s my Birthday. Help me help Adolescent Girls

President Obama once said: “If women ran every country in the world there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes. Women aren’t perfect but are “indisputably better” than men.” Do you agree? If so, I want to invite you to help support my favorite cause that empowers girls in developing nations. The […]

How to Love ALL of Your Partner

We’ve become a disposable society, not just with our trash, but also with the people in our lives. If a relationship becomes difficult we declare, “This isn’t working for me” and move on. We treat our cars better than people. At least with our cars we know and expect that they need regular maintenance – […]

Power Up Your Spiritual Tool Kit

Several years ago we were vacationing on the insanely beautiful island of Capri in Italy. One afternoon we went for a walk, searching for a beach, to take a swim in the refreshing, sparkling Mediterranean Sea. We eventually hiked down to a sweet little cove with a sandy beach jammed packed with men, women, and […]