Success Stories

Jillian's Testimonial“Many thanks for sharing your wisdom in the book, “The Soulmate Secret”. I followed your exercises in creating clarity in my mind ..began the creative feelingization process..and manifested my true love…my best soulmate…exactly as I created him in my mind. That was exactly 2 years ago and we are getting married next month. I am so incredibly happy and content…and GRATEFUL. This is a second marriage for us both…a love that is so passionate and peaceful on so many levels…we both know deeply that we are soulmates! Here’s my story:

I found myself divorced with 2 young children in elementary school…after moving from CT to CA…I always felt connected to the ocean and felt a great affinity to mermaids. So…this…decides to jump into the sea of cyperspace dating and starts the online dating process after being married for 15 years…Ay Carumba!! I encounter many species of men…flounders…barracudas…sharks disguised as dolphins…but my soulmate that I desire is not coming into my life. I meet some nice men…in all seriousness…but my heart and soul does not feel any special connection.

So, after I found your book…The Soulmate Secret…I started reading it. First…I created an altar…a place of creative visualization…my board of intentions. I cleared my mind…purged stuff from the past and truly focused on who my soulmate would be…wrote it all down to every tiny detail…read it over…made corrections…Besides matters of the mind and heart…intelligence….humor…kindness…spiritual…romantic…integrity…honesty…etc.

I was Very Specific: I wanted him to be from a nice large family in the Midwest…good values, be a father (preferably with girls as I had 2 boys), a good dancer (I danced for years), wear cowboy boots…blue eyes…creative…and more details.

I am excited to share with you that we found each other on and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you!”


Margaret & David“I was worried there just wasn’t an evolved, conscious man out there for me who would be the passionate LOVE of my life (not just a great friend!). After doing exactly what Arielle recommended, I’m thrilled to report that within 60 days I met the love of my life, David. If you’re truly ready for your soulmate, listen to Arielle!”

Margaret & David

Providence, Rhode Island

Linda & Jim“After a painful divorce from a 27-year marriage, and dating for another almost 6 years without finding the soulmate I was seeking I came across Arielle’s Soulmate Kit. I followed hersteps to attract my soulmate and found that the most enjoyable and profound step for me was to color a love mandala. I decided to approach asking for specific qualities in my soulmate with a more spiritual approach, (after a previous list of “qualities” I wanted in a soulmate I had created years before hadn’t really attracted the man of my dreams).

I used a spiritual color guide where each color correlated to a spiritual quality (ie: Blue represents wisdom and clarity). Then I used the all the colors that correlated with the qualities I was seeking in my soulmate to fill in the sections of the mandala (red for loving and passionate, orange for vitality, brown for groundedness, grey for balanced, yellow for spiritual connection to God, and so forth). I also approached it as a prayer-type exercise, as I had realized that I was looking for a soulmate to share my spiritual journey with.

Three months later, I met my husband of and we have been together for almost 9 years. I knew the night I met him that I would marry him because I knew it in my soul. Eighteen months later we married in a beautiful ceremony, and have had an amazing journey together so far and we look forward to sharing the rest of our lives together, loving, growing, having fun and working to make the world a better place.”

Linda & Jim

Sharon, 59, manifests her soulmate lifepartner in 3 months!

Sharon & Kelvin“I am forever thankful to Arielle for her powerful tips and meditations. If you had told me in April ‘08 that I would be engaged in August, I would have told you to get lost… but thanks to Arielle, it happened—and that October, Kelvin and I got married.”

Sharon & Kelvin

Rama C“I met Arielle when I was looking for love. She became my friend and mentor, and even promised me one day she would dance at my wedding. She gave me the tools I needed to manifest the partner and life I envisioned. After I found my now-husband, she kept her promise – she danced at my wedding!”

Rama C.

Washington, D.C.

Peggy & JohnAt the age of 80, Peggy was ready for a new soulmate. Having been married for 55 years, and a widow for 5 years, she applied the manifestation principles from The Soulmate Secret and then she found her way on to On the first try met, John, an 85 year old widower.
They fell madly in love and within a year decided to live out the rest of the years together.

Peggy & John

Portland, OR

Courtney & Tony“I had been on 101 bad first dates. I used to share the stories with people because we would all get a good laugh. At times, they were even shocked in disbelief. I actually considered writing a book called “101 bad first dates” for some good quality coffee table humor. Sure it made for good stories at family gatherings and parties, but the truth was somehow I always seemed to seek out or attract the worst guy for me.

I was super successful with my career. Why couldn’t I find love? At that stage I was even starting to believe that I would never find my soulmate. I was too weird, too alpha female, too career-driven, too wild and crazy, too fill-in-the-blank. Out of part desperation and part frustration, I decided I was going to find him… to crush it like a project for work, and why not? It was important enough and warranted some effort.

After doing some research online, I decided to read this little book called “The Soulmate Secret” by Arielle Ford. Seemed harmless enough. I never anticipated that it would rock my world and change my mindset by 180 degrees. After reading it, I decided that not only was my soulmate out there, but that he was trying to find me too. That he was coming soon and I had better get ready! I made sure to keep my house clean and orderly. I made space in my closet. Allotted some time in my calendar so I would be available for a spontaneous meeting when he arrived.

As Arielle suggests, we don’t go into Starbucks and ask for a coffee. We order a grande latte with 2 pumps of almond syrup, just a little foam, and extra hot. Why would I treat finding my soulmate with less specificity? I visualized him and what characteristics he would have. Perhaps most importantly (little did I know), I made a list of my “Needs, Wants, and Dealbreakers” when it came to characteristics of my soulmate. I asked myself: if I were to order my ideal soulmate from the Universe, what would that order be? I gave my list to one of my closest girl friends who knew me like the back of her hand to get her feedback. She looked it over and helped me tweak it until we both thought it was spot on.

About a month later I got a text from her saying: “Coco, I met this guy at the gym and I really like him for you!”. I asked her to give him my phone number, and said of course I would be willing to go on a blind date. He texted me the same day and we chatted on the phone that night. We went to see a play and have dinner the following Tuesday. The rest is history. We’ve been together over 4 years now and are getting married next year.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the life altering gift that Arielle Ford gave me when she wrote “The Soulmate Secret”. In hindsight, I truly believe that reading her book changed my mindset in a way that raised my energetic vibration and enabled me to manifest my soulmate. He met and exceeded every item on my wish list that I provided to the Universe. Now I not only tell my story to other single women that are still searching, but I also share the critical mental and energetic shifts that enabled me to find the man of my dreams.”

Cortney & Tony

Baja, Mexico

Jolene & Steve“I had just finished up reading Arielle’s powerful ‘The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction’ book, and I felt I had that inner spark and hope back again hooray!. I’d all but given up on ever finding my soul mate. I’d met a few very lovely souls, and a many great mates, but not ‘the right one’s’ as such! I had recently divorced a couple of years prior, and as a single parent and in my early 30’s, I felt I had got life wrong somehow, or that I just perhaps wasn’t ever going to meet my soul mate. I had surrendered my soulmate completely, and dived head first into Arielle’s book. It was such a comfort, and a magical tool, because within a matter of months of reading the book, not only had I met my soulmate, he had proposed to me in the most beautiful castle here in England! It was beyond anything I could have imagined, and I did not expect it, nor was I looking! We got married in August this year in Florida and it was just beautiful. Never ever give up on love, it will never give up on you, and I *highly* recommend reading Arielle’s super magical book! I’m convinced it helped bring in my now husband! THANK YOU Arielle for writing such a magical powerful book.”

Jolene & Steve

“Dear Arielle,

I took your Soulmate Secret course 3 years ago this month. The course helped me release old relationships fully, create the vision and dream of my soulmate, and release the blocks to this love coming in. While in the middle of the course, I met my now husband Alex. After we met, I remember asking a question on one of our Soulmate Secret live calls about whether or not I should visualize Alex, or keep a more generic version of my soulmate in my mind when meditating. I did both, and kept an open mind about what may or may not develop with him. Our coffees turned to dinners and we knew we were fond of each other, but we both quickly realized that Alex did not have time or energy to devote to dating while working and doing his MBA program. We decided not to date any longer, and I told him to call me after graduation. Over the next 6 months, I went off to spend some time working in another country, and he finished his program and went on his program finale trip. While there, he was thinking of me and bought some trinkets from China: a tiny happy buddha, a good luck hanging charm, and a faux designer cosmetic bag. After he graduated, like we discussed, he contacted me to see if I wanted to meet again. I was uncertain, as I’d mentally moved on from the relationship, but decided that a coffee wouldn’t hurt. When he showed up with the gift bag of goodies from China and let me know he was thinking of me while there, his charm began to win me over again. It was summer in Calgary and we enjoyed some wonderful dates to the Stampede fairgrounds, beautiful outdoor patios after work, a concert in Banff, and more. We fell in love in the summer of 2014, were engaged in 2015 (in the same location my father proposed to my mother!), and then married this past August.

I wanted to send you a note of sincere gratitude for your tremendously powerful and helpful work. Please add us to your list of successes, and please keep up the fabulous work that you do!

Here is our wedding video highlight reel:

Claire & Alex


Jolene & Steve“Dear Arielle,

I had to write and tell you how influential the Soulmate Secret and the Art of Love series has been in my life. I am now in the sixth year with my Soulmate, and I want to thank you.

By the time my divorce became final, I was a 38 year old woman mother of four children, including twins with special needs, one of them also with serious health issues. I was, (still am), living in a small town in Florida where most of the men in the population were elderly retirees. The “limited supply” of younger bachelors consisted mostly on working class men without a college education. I had been warned by pessimist friends that being a physician — I’m an oncologist– was a big disadvantage in my search for a partner, because the average man in town was likely to feel intimidated about dating a woman with higher education level and salary than them. Not to mention one with so much baggage.

Fast-forward and not only have I married “my man,” I’m head-over-heels-flat-on-my-face-jaw-on-the-floor, drooling in love with the most intelligent, handsome, psychologically stimulating, intellectually challenging, sexiest man I could ever dream of. A College Professor who has lived in my town for decades and we can’t still believe we had never ran into each other. He not only has embraced my four children as his own, but he also treats me like a princess and encourages me to become the most fulfilled version of myself I could ever be. If I could find my soulmate anybody can.

Diely & David

Laura Kennedy“Years ago, I was tired of dating. Or perhaps more disappointed with it. I wanted a loving relationship so badly, but I often felt let down when I would go out on dates with guys only for them to lead nowhere… Once or twice I even found myself in a ‘relationship’ where I wasn’t at all happy, but stayed because he treated me well and I knew he had feelings for me. In the back of my mind, I think I thought, ‘this is as good as it’s going to get.’ After coming to my senses, I ended things, and purchased Arielle’s Soulmate Secret on audiobook. My perspective shifted, and I mapped out a Soulmate Wishlist, really believing that I could have exactly the type of partner I desired. I started making space for love to come into my life, and ‘acting as if.’ And then, as if it was magic, my soulmate (who I actually went to high school with but ‘coincidentally’ didn’t really connect with until years later) came into my life! And he is *everything* on my soulmate wishlist that I often reflect back on.”

Laura Kennedy