Bouncing Back from Disappointment

Disappointment. We’ve all been there.

Whether it was the promising new relationship, the job interview that seemed so right, the passion project that didn’t pan out, we have all known the disappointment of not having our big dream met.

Even though the feelings of loss and sadness that come with disappointment totally suck, there are actions you can take to move you back into possibility.

When this happens to me, I give myself permission to spend a few minutes to experience my sad and blue feelings. Then I will journal these feelings and really exaggerate just how bad I feel. I let my imagination run wild on the negative side just to purge it all.

Next, I take a few moments to close my eyes, drop into my heart and remind myself of all the goodness in my life as I practice breathing deeply in and out through my heart.

Finally, I get my journal out again and this time I write myself five true and positive statements about my life.

Below are fill-in-the-blank examples to get you started:

I am grateful that just for today __________________ is happening.

I am excited that I have _________________ to look forward to.

Because of __________________ I know that I am blessed.

Even though I don’t currently have _________________, I now choose to believe that this will happen.

In this moment I am going to allow myself to trust and have faith that I will receive a sign of what my next steps are, that whatever or whoever can assist me will be shown to me.

This last step is always the most important for me.

I’m a big believer in signs and when I am open to receiving a sign, it always comes, and with it a return to feelings of hope and possibility.

Rumi famously said, “What you seek is seeking you.” And often you will receive a sign in the form of a message, a song, a person, or a coincidence that will guide you in the direction of your big dream.

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