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Here’s what I know for sure: finding true love is possible for any one at any age if you’re willing to prepare your self, on all levels, to become a magnet for love. In my newly-released book, I share the secrets that helped me to attract my soulmate and has subsequently helped hundreds of others to attract theirs as well. In this simple book, I take you through the steps needed to…

  • Prepare your body, mind, heart, spirit, and home for the arrival of your perfect life partner
  • Unhook from past relationships so you are fully available to receive love in the present
  • Summon the powerful forces of attraction used to magnetize deep and passionate love
  • Attract your soulmate!

“The Soulmate Secret will inspire you and give you a glimpse that this can be a magical journey and you can truly attract, manifest and find your soulmate.” Deepak Chopra, author of Buddha “Arielle Ford provides a beautiful way to let go of any hurts of the past and bring new love into your life today. Practical, inspiring, and hopeful, The Soulmate Secret leaves even the most cynical about love ready to find a soulmate.” Marianne Williamson, author of Age of Miracles “Read this inspiring book! Arielle Ford has written an entertaining, insightful guide to attracting genuine love into your life. Best of all, Arielle’s thriving marriage is living proof that the tools she gives you can produce magical results.” Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, authors of Conscious Loving and Spirit-Centered Relationships “Nothing is more exciting than the finding of one’s soul mate…and nothing can be more challenging than the search. Here, in this wonderful book, Arielle Ford smoothes the path, cutting through the thicket, and bringing us to the clearing that can produce wonderful results. Those who find their soulmate through this work will thank Arielle Ford forever.” Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God “This is a wonderful book, full of hope and wisdom.” Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom “Arielle Ford, in inspiring and encouraging terms, offers from her direct experience how to prepare in consciousness, heart and spirit to magnetize, recognize and respond to the soul’s call for an authentic, conscious love relationship.” Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation “With a harmonious blend of the metaphysical as well as the practical, The Soulmate Secret guides you with example after example down the path of finding true love. Arielle gives easy to apply guidance to let go of anything that may keep you from finding the romantic relationship you deserve. If you’re looking for love buy this book—you’ll be glad you did.” James Arthur Ray, author of Harmonic Wealth, The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want “To find the love of your life and delight, read this book and manifest the one for you in the sweet now-and-now.” Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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  1. I have had a wonderful 12 years with my soul mate. Alas he was killed last October 2011 in our Motor bike accident. I was very lucky as a couple traveling on their bikes 3 minutes behind us were Paramedics and saved my life. The ambulance arrived an hour and a half later and picked me up to go to hospital. I have gone through 8 months of rehab and hospitalization. I am now home now still under recovery. I was clear when I came of life support that my husband sent me back it was not my time and I am going to meet another soul mate to live the rest of my life with. Your book yelled at me in a shop as I past it. It said pick me please. So I have brought it home and have started it. I am so clear now on all my past relationships as I feel all the past has been let go and I am reborn. So I know it is going to happen very soon the feeling is very strong.
    My husband and I knew when we met we were meant to be together as he always said we had our practice and got it right the second time. Which was so true as we had both been in terrible marriages. Over the 12 years our love was unconditional and we were best friends, lovers, and everyone that new us said our relationship was so strong. I will always carry him in my heart and know that he truly loved me for who I am. We adored each other and would always say our relationship was 50/50 that is why it worked so well, we shared our daily lives, our dreams, our passions which just grew and grew.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi,
    I came across your videos online and then surf through your website. I listened to your video, your story and could very well relate to it. I have done everything to meet my soulmate but still haven’t found him.

    I am from India. Can your 7 weeks online course really help me meet my soulmate because things in India work differently than in abroad. Is it really possible?

    Please help and advise.


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