Pull Up Those Big Girl Panties!

Today I am sending all of you a virtual pair of Big Girl panties as you embark on a New Year – a year to be filled with love, laughter and the meeting of your soulmate/lifepartner.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are putting them on now.

The purpose of these Big Girl panties is to be a constant reminder that you deserve Big Love.

The fact that you have the desire for this is PROOF of its fulfillment.

Your soulmate/lifepartner is out there seeking you!

It is your job to be open, ready, available and VISIBLE so you can find each other. And, you can make this process FUN!!!!

You do not get to know in advance where he/she is right now or how they will come in to your life (and even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me).

For those of you who are anxious, nervous, or fearful about the process, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Dating is essential to success and you need to accept that it’s likely you will go on some bad and disappointing dates, that you maybe ghosted, stood up, etc.

If you choose to make up a story about this, that somehow you are bad, wrong, not enough, or whatever, you are choosing to be a victim. Stop it. When these things happen (and it’s likely they will) know that you have dodged a bullet.

Pay close attention to behavior as opposed to what someone says, they should be in alignment.

Protect your privacy and be careful. If you have expressed yourself about certain things and they decide to pressure you in spite of that, this is a RED FLAG.

You are seeking a lifetime partner who is respectful. Never forget that.

Be patient. Love at first sight is extremely rare. It takes time to get to really know someone. Give yourself (and them) the gift of time.

When on a date, remember to keep looking for what’s right. If you are looking for what’s wrong, you are guaranteed to find fault. This does not mean you ignore glaring warning signs, it simply means you accentuate the positive.

There will come a day when you will be SO HAPPY that you put in the time, energy, intention, attention and money to manifest your beloved.


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Will you LOVE all of you – wounds, warts, and all?

Long, long ago, I thought if I just took the right workshop, read the right self-help books, or found a magic wand, I would find happiness and peace of mind.

And, doing all of those things helped a bit.

It certainly gave me some relief as well as insight and understanding as to how and why I had my issues.

But, after thousands of dollars, countless hours of various practices, I finally figured something out: Getting rid of the problem isn’t the best goal, and in a lot of cases, with core wounds, not even possible. Having worked closely with many of the biggest names in personal growth, here’s what I observed:

They went on a mission to heal something within themselves.

They found a solution.

They became so excited they wanted to share it with the world, which they did or have done.

And, while they (and I) came up with ways to mitigate and offset their personal pain, and maybe even healed themselves 80%, their core wound(s) are still a driving factor in their lives. Whether their issue was feeling like a fraud, poverty consciousness, insecurity, eating disorders, or being unlovable, etc.

I’ve learned that while they are highly functional and successful, they still have their demons.

For me, witnessing this was an aha moment.

While I am very grateful that I have a “spiritual tool kit,” filled with things to get me through my bouts of negative thinking and/or anxiety, I have come to accept that my issues are here for good, and I can use my tools to alleviate any suffering while I do the most important thing which is this:
I get to accept all of me, wounds, warts and all, and to stop looking for the cure-all and just love me. Perfectly, imperfect me.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Turkey Day Fun & Survival Tips

Thanksgiving with the family can be a mixed bag of emotions…from happiness and gratitude to stress, anxiety and worse when your buttons get pushed. Most likely you may experience a bit of all of these feelings.

To move yourself from “annoyed to enjoyed”, whether the Turkey burns or Uncle Joe gets sloppy drunk, do what I do – remember that my #1 job is to “be pleasant” while having the intention to have as much fun as possible.

Whether you are cooking at home or a guest at someone’s house, put on your imaginary rose colored glasses while setting the intention that you are bringing the love, the light, and the fun.

As you greet each guest, offer them a warm hug and a sincere compliment and ask them what they are most excited about these days and then really listen to them. Make the day all about everyone else in the room.

Have few dumb jokes ready to share.
One of my favorites is this:
Did you hear about the zoo that only had one dog?
It was a shitzu!!

If you are single and someone is prying about your love life, and you don’t want to get into it with them, try this:

“Thanks for asking, I am doing some casual dating and having fun. What are YOU up to these days?” (basically, change the subject)

Or, if you want to mess with them, try a version of this:

“I’m madly in love! I have found this brilliant artist who lives off the grid in a tent in an RV campground with his three dogs and writes me the most breathtaking poetry. He’s been sober for six months and is re-establishing relationships with his four kids and two ex-wives, the sex is amazing, and I really think he’s the one! I’ll keep you posted. Then either laugh and tell them you are joking, or walk away and keep them hanging.

To get you into a deeply loving space, please enjoy this 8-minute gratitude and love feelingization.

Wishing you a delicious and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Your Dream Is Already A Reality

The core basis of my belief and understanding about manifestation (whether you are manifesting love, a car, a new career, or a new little black dress) is this:

There is no “time.” The past, present, and future all happen simultaneously. When we have a desire for something, it’s because some part of us “already knows that this is possible for us,” on an unseen level.

Your dream is not some random thing out there somewhere, it is already in existence, calling upon you to dream it into your existence.
To do this, we must be willing to own and embrace the dream or desire and then take the necessary, appropriate action steps to bring it into 3-D reality.

The secret sauce for this is what I call feelingizations™ a process to get you out of your head and into your heart to deeply feel that what you have asked for IS already yours.

In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, explained that there is a Universal field of energy that connects everything and everyone and he called this the Divine Matrix.

According to my amazing friend, Gregg Braden, author of The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief:

“The Divine Matrix is our world.

It is also everything in our world.

It is us and all that we love, hate, create and experience.

Living in the Divine Matrix, we are as artists expressing our innermost passions, fears, dreams and desires through the essence of a mysterious quantum canvas. But we are the canvas, as well as the images upon the canvas.

We‘re the paints, as well as the brushes.

In the Divine Matrix, we are the container

Within which all things exist, the bridge between

The creations of our inner and outer worlds,

And the mirror that shows us what we have created.

In the Divine Matrix, you are the seed of the miracle as well as the miracle itself.”

Remember the key to manifesting is to feel as though your dream or desire is accomplished and your prayers are already answered. Click here to access some free feeelingzations™.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Owning Your Sensuality Mindset

My brilliant friend, Susan Bratton, is the trusted hot sex advisor to millions and an expert on all aspects on how to improve your sex life, which for many women, begins with improving your “sensuality mindset.” Please enjoy her wisdom on this topic.

Just recently I spoke at an all women’s sexuality event. Before I took the stage, I went around speaking to each individual woman. As we chatted, I asked them privately what they were thinking about when they decided to attend? What were they hoping I’d talk about? What issue was on their mind?

As I listened to the stories, the struggles and the desires of these beautiful women my mind filtered the meta-conversations into four main categories of interest. These women wanted to hear first about what kinds of treatments, procedures and technologies were available and effective at keeping their lady parts in good working order. They wanted to know how to keep their libido high as they aged. They wanted my tips on solo pleasure. And they wanted to hear about female pleasure potential — what was possible for them and what were they missing out on that they didn’t even know might be available?

What struck me was how each woman was standing for her sensual pleasure in her life. These women took on the responsibility of their sexual health and intimacy as a part of living a full and joyful existence. They knew that the more they learned, the more they benefitted. Women often think they are “broken” if they don’t have the same appetite as their partners. We women do not take into account that our male-bodied partners are testosterone dominant versus us women being estrogen-dominant. We do not have the same amount of daily appetite for intimacy as men. We can’t compare ourselves to our partners. We need more sensual experiences to help us with our desire.

What kind of sensual experiences keep our desire high? First of course is having a sensual mindset like the women in attendance at that event. They “own” their sensuality. They nurture it. The put intention on cultivating their own desire. 

But how?

How do other women get or keep themselves “in the mood?” Here are some ways that you can keep your libido thrumming through life:

Think senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, feeling.

When you are tickling your senses, you are supporting your lust for life.

  • Warm baths. 
  • Candlelight.
  • Sensual, feminine fabrics.
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils.
  • Slathering healthy lotion on your body to nourish your skin.
  • Eating succulent foods… think mangoes and watermelon.
  • Foot rubs and full body massages.
  • Romantic, sensual movement.
  • Any kind of dance, tai chi, improvisational movement.
  • Yoga, especially Hatha yoga with breath work.
  • Solo pleasuring.
  • Moving or sitting meditation, especially where you hold your womb lovingly in your hands.
  • Walking in nature, especially beach walks and forest bathing.
  • Taking a sauna or hot tub. 
  • Riding a horse, a bike or rowing a boat or kayak.
  • Sunbathing.

All of these activities get us out of our monkey minds and into our bodies… they slow us down… they connect us to our heartspace.

When you feel disconnected from yourself, review this list and take a moment to savor your life through your senses. This self-care will nurture you in countless ways.

To discover more from Susan, get her free PDF of The Soulmate Embrace, a hug technique that lowers stress and increases love connection.

Get your FREE PDF here!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Dream Crazy Big – Here’s How

I have been studying and practicing the art and science of manifestation since 1984, and I am always learning (or being reminded of) another dimension of it.
Last night I attended a big fundraiser for Just Like My Child, an organization I have been on the Board of for 13 years, and our keynote speaker was the amazing Mary Morrissey of Dream Builder fame. (that’s Vivian Glyck, founder of JLMC, with me and Mary in the photo)
The theme was Dream Crazy Big and when I arrived at the event, they asked me to put on my name tag what my big dream is.
I surprised myself when I wrote down “Make a movie.”
I’ve done lots of crazy big things in my life but making a movie hasn’t ever been on the list…. till now.
Mary talked about some of the ways we stop ourselves from pursuing a big dream:
Fear of failure 
Not knowing how
Seems impossible
Lack of resources
Yep, I previously said yes to having all these thoughts… and so what?
I am at stage of life and experience where I know and trust that what I’ve asked for is already mine.
I can clearly see this movie in my head. In fact, it’s so clear and powerful, that I have written an entire novel based on the images I see. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds as I declare to you, that I am going to make a movie!
What is your crazy is your dream???? Send me a short email, arielleford@nullgmail.com and I will add it to my manifesting altar.
Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

Wabi Sabi Love

Some say the hardest part of life is dealing with the other humans.

Unlike most cats and dogs, people behavior is often not predictable. (or sometimes too predictable and that can also be maddening!)

Figuring out how to manage my feelings and judgements about people, and myself, has been a long-time mission and when I discovered Wabi Sabi, that made a big difference (most of the time).

The ancient Japanese practice of Wabi Sabi is about finding the beauty and perfection in imperfection… in all things old, worn, imperfect, and impermanent, from broken pottery to driftwood and beyond.

In my world, I expanded it to be Wabi Sabi Love, to find the beauty and perfection in behavior and things that make us crazy.

It’s essentially about finding the gold in the dark.

Shifting your perception.

Changing your story.

If you are ready to go from “annoyed” to “enjoyed,” Goalcast (found on Facebook and Instagram) recently sent out an edit of a longer talk I gave on this topic.

This short video is 4 minutes and has been seen by 1.4M so far.

Check it out here.

The MOST Important Love RULE

Many of us were taught the “Golden Rule” as kids:

“Do unto others as you would like to be done unto.”

This works well most of the time EXCEPT when it comes to love.

With your soulmate you want to practice the Platinum Rule:

“Do unto them as they would like to be done unto.”

“This requires that you understand their “love language.”

If they prefer “words of affirmation” or “touch” over “gifts” or they prefer “acts of service” over “quality time” give them that.

With the Golden rule we tend to give our partners what we want, thinking that the things that make us feel loved are the same for them.

With the Platinum Rule you are giving what they most want. (FYI, there is a free online quiz you can take to discover your love language, just google it)

And, it doesn’t matter if you and your partner have totally different love languages. It only matters that you recognize what makes them feel most loved and then provide that.

P.S. This is why I wrote The Everything Book: The Essential Details About The One You Love.

It’s a “fill in the blank” book to complete and share with your partner.

It is designed to capture the essential details about the one you love. It goes BEYOND the 5 Love Languages.

Now in paperback!


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Science Indicates Feelingizations Work!

For those of you who do my feelingizations to manifest your desires, you know that they all begin with a “heart lock-in,” a tool developed by The Institute of Heartmath, to get you into a state of “heart coherence (HRV).”

Essentially you are guided to move your attention from your head down to the area around your heart as you recall and re-experience feelings of love, appreciation or gratitude. You “re-member” one or all of these feelings and as you do, your heart rhythm changes into the HRV state and that is measurable.

Once you are in this HRV, heart-centered state, it is from there that you drop in your desire, for whatever it is you most want to manifest, knowing and trusting that what you have asked for is already yours. These feelingizations are available for free, click the button below!

Get your FREE gifts here!

This new study has validated the tool’s effect on synchronization between the heart and geomagnetic activity, which is significant because this synchronization is associated with better health.

Here is part of the report:

The published study explains that “higher levels of HRV are associated with resiliency, capacity to self-regulate and to adapt to changing demands,” and lower levels of HRV “indicate pathology, chronic stress, or insufficient functioning in regulatory systems … and is associated with all-cause mortality.”

“The Heart Lock-In Technique,” the researchers explained, “focuses on building the capacity to sustain heartfelt positive emotions. The technique is generally practiced for five to fifteen minutes at a time, although longer sessions may be used as well.”

>> Read full technical report here <<

So, now you can manifest your desires while you also improve your health!

To learn more visit www.heartmath.org

What stops you from achieving time and money freedom?

The older I get, the more I cherish time with my family and friends – and the more quality time I want to spend with them.

If you can relate, stop what you’re doing and go download this complimentary e-book from my friend Mary Morrissey… Breaking Through Your Hidden Blocks: Overcoming the 3 Biggest Barriers to Abundance.

If you don’t know Mary – you’re in for a treat! She is one of the most sought-after experts in the “Invisible Side of Success.”
In this powerful e-book, she shares valuable secrets that can change your life. You’ll discover:

  • The 3 biggest internal abundance blocks that keep you trapped in a holding pattern of hard work and overwhelming stress … financially successful, but starved for time
  • What you must change first if you want the freedom to be, do, have and give anything (and how to do it without risking the success you’ve already created)
  • How you’re unconsciously blocking the flow of greater abundance into your life – even if you already know that we live in an abundant universe
  • 6 common money paradigms that make you “out of tune” with the frequency of money (if you’ve gotten stuck at a certain level of success, this will be eye-opening)

If you’re serious about generating the wealth needed to give you true time freedom, then click below to get your e-book.

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Having a website isn’t enough; having a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page aren’t enough either. You need to know how to get in touch with potential clients to engage with them, build a relationship with them, and eventually earn their business.

This is where Crystal Andrus Morissette comes in. Crystal is one of the savviest, smartest, most shrewd businesswomen, and she’s created a short, intensive, accessible, and affordable business course to help you SOAR!

Crystal is genuine, soulful, and a Truth Teller. There is no smarminess here…only amazing stuff that you can actually use!

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Feel-good romance to change your level of attraction.

“While I was in the process of finding my soulmate, reading happy-ending love stories—AKA romance novels—really helped me.

Nothing lifts the mood for “feelingizations” better than a well-written story where the characters emerge triumphant in their search for love. But being a physician with knowledge of psychology, as well as a committed to personal growth, I realized something was missing.

It was difficult to find positive, enjoyable stories with relatable characters facing realistic challenges. That’s how my Sunshine State Series started.

In each funny, sweet and sexy standalone novel, the heroine must overcome her own barriers to love—from getting trapped in her own list of “deal-breakers,” to the ultimate fear of finding love and then losing it.”

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5 Ways to Vibrant Love

This week I am very excited to introduce you to my friend Shayne Traviss, who is an author, student of life, producer and founder of VividLife.me (And Oprah follows him on Twitter!) I’ve asked him to guest blog and share some of his wisdom about love with you. This for both singles and couples. Enjoy!

Are you on an endless search for ‘the love of your life’? Signed up to dating sites, apps… but every night you end up alone, walking the stairs with a cup of tea, snuggling in bed watching other people’s love stories on Netflix, wondering, ‘When will my prince(ess) arrive?’ You’ve been waiting for this fairy tale to come to true your entire life thanks to the conditioning of story books and Disney movies. When the whole time the love of your life, the prince(cess) has been right under your nose. You’ve just been looking outside for what’s already within.

Within each of us is both the inherent truth that we are what we’ve been looking for, and the wisdom to attract what we desire. We have to only stop the outward search long enough to listen to our inner guidance.

The secret to finding love, is to be love, like attracts like, love attracts love. So if you’re not vibrating love; still healing from a relationship, low self worth, holding onto anger, unforgiveness,… you need to start right there. With what the great Sufi poet Rumi so eloquently described in this quote:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

You won’t find love (true love), until you’re vibrating love and to KEEP LOVE, you also must vibrate love.

5 Ways to Vibrate Love

Be Still

It’s amazing what insight comes when we stop long enough to listen and how fulfilled our path becomes when we use what we’ve found to live authentically’

Authenticity being key. And how can we know our own voice, our own desires, unless we get still enough to listen. There are many practices designed to help us channel that voice, my personal favorite being Shinrin Yoku, which is Japanese for Forest Therapy, and others like; Friluftsliv (Norwegian for connecting with presence to your natural environment), Vipassana (meaning insight), and of course Meditation. And once we’ve given ourselves the time and space to be still, whatever path we decided to take to get there, we access a place and a peace quite beyond our understanding. Deeply in alignment (vibrating) with love, sweet unconditional love, most importantly of ourselves.


And from this space, where we’re vibrating with true authentic love. We take the opportunity to inquire within, as to discover any, and all obstacles we have or have built, to love. Perhaps we don’t know our own true self worth, perhaps we are carrying thorns from past relationships whether with a spouse, family, or friends, maybe we’re holding onto resentment, anger, unforgiveness which are all in a sense blocking us from being in the vibration of love.

And if we’re not vibrating love, we can’t attract love.


Listen to the wisdom you’ve gain in the stillness and use it to work (in baby steps of course) on tearing down the walls (obstacles to love) and remember you didn’t build them overnight, and so you won’t take them down that way either. Recovery from relationships, and most importantly the one we have with ourselves is a process that is best done ‘slow, steady, connected and focused’. Each step along the way gaining the wisdom necessary to…

Let Go

Learn to let go of the obstacles you’ve built one by one, and with that, let go of the expectations you have that love show up all neat and tidy like the fairy tales we’ve been trapped in. It’s not coming at you on a white horse, in a fancy ball gown. It’s coming for you with a big dose of reality and a mirror that reflects at you exactly what you need to let go, and to let love.

Trust Yourself

And from this space, trust yourself, dive in, run into loves arms and you will be embraced by love. But the first lover you should embrace isn’t another. The first lover you should embrace is yourself. And when you’re in love with yourself others can’t help but fall in love with you.

Because love is the universal language without words. It works on the law attraction. And we attract to us not what we ask for, but what we are.

Please check out Shayne’s new book:

Your Vivid Life; An Invitation to a Radically Authentic Life

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Why Whistleblowers are Heroes!

We live in a period of sweeping corruption — and a golden age of whistleblowing. Over the past few decades, principled insiders who expose wrongdoing have gained unprecedented stature, emerging as the government’s best weapon against corporate misconduct–and the citizenry’s best defense against government gone bad.

Whistleblowers force us to confront fundamental questions about the balance between free speech and state secrecy, and between individual morality and corporate power. Now they have triggered impeachment proceedings of Donald Trump.

In Crisis of Conscience, Tom Mueller traces the rise of whistleblowing through a series of riveting case studies, showing them to be the freethinking, outspoken citizens for whom our republic was conceived – whose inspiring acts we must emulate if our democracy is to survive.

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