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Creating Miracles

As we enter into the last month of the year, I thought this would be a great time to encourage you to create miracles in your life.   The word “miracle” comes from a Latin word meaning “something wonderful.”   The common definitions of miracles include:   “…a surprising and welcome event that is not […]

Gratitude, Turkey & Choosing Love

The great spiritual teacher, Ram Dass (“Be Here Now“) once famously said:   “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”   For those of us who consider ourselves to be loving, conscious people on a spiritual path, we are sometimes confounded by just how easily being with our family can […]

Monkey Mind Management 101

We’ve all been there…..the days when we spiral down, convinced that life just isn’t going our way… that we are undeserving of love, or the new job, or the thing we are most wishing for.   Our mind goes into overdrive, some would call it a negative feedback loop, and we keep replaying the negativity […]

Becoming Limitless…

Have you ever wanted to feel limitless?   I know I have.   I love to dream big lofty dreams, just for fun, and as an act of creativity…just to see what I can co-create with the Universe.   One question I ask myself is this: Who do I need to be and what do […]

The Art of Detachment (my sad story…)

When manifesting a dream or desire, there is a Universal Law as important and potent as the Law of Attraction. It’s called the Law of Detachment. When we are emotionally attached to “making” our desire happen we set ourselves up for frustration and disappointment and simultaneously keep ourselves at a vibration that can “push away” […]

Meet Us in Paradise – Big Sur, CA

One of our favorite places in the world (besides India, Italy, and Bali) is Esalen, a stunningly beautiful retreat center in Big Sur, CA. Sitting high above the Pacific Ocean, this lush paradise offers world-class workshops, delicious organic food, (grown on-site) and the most amazing massages. (They actually invented many innovative massage techniques including a […]

I Was a Lousy Wife (a confession)

Today I am in my 17th year of an amazing, deeply loving, fulfilling marriage to my soulmate Brian… and I almost blew it!   Soon after we got married, I made a horrifying discovery: I had no clue how to be a great wife. I was an excellent manifestor, and I was great at being […]

Are You Leaking Negative Energy and Turning Off Men?

Have you ever considered that the signals you send out (involuntarily) every day may be turning off the very men you’re living with or trying to attract?   My good friend and colleague, Marni Battista, calls this “negative energy.”   And it’s the #1 chemistry killing mistake that keeps men from asking you out, keeps […]

Fast Fix for Fear

A few months ago I was watching Grey’s Anatomy on TV and learned the most awesome thing! Here was the scene: Dr. Amelia Shepard was standing in the surgical suite, about to perform a groundbreaking 17-hour brain surgery on a colleague. She was scared out of her mind because if anything went wrong, her friend […]

Be A Pleasure Pig – Part Two

  A few weeks ago I introduced you to the concept of living life like our cat Yoda does, as a Pleasure Pig.   We talked about all the ways to give yourself more pleasure in order to build oxytocin in your brain (while reducing stress).  Oxytocin is known as the “cuddling hormone” and having […]