Be A Pleasure Pig – Part Two


A few weeks ago I introduced you to the concept of living life like our cat Yoda does, as a Pleasure Pig.


We talked about all the ways to give yourself more pleasure in order to build oxytocin in your brain (while reducing stress).  Oxytocin is known as the “cuddling hormone” and having more of it makes life more pleasurable.


Many of you instantly decided the way to more pleasure is eating more of your favorite foods….and while I think indulging in treats is super pleasurable, we also want to stay mindful of being healthy and doing it in moderation.


Food trayA daily pig out on chocolate or ice cream or diet coke is not what I was suggesting.  It’s up to you to decide just how often (and how much) of these tasty treats, makes sense for you.


And, while we are on the topic of pleasure and food, here are some suggestions:

  • Make every meal and snack special.  Rather than stand at the kitchen sink eating cereal out of a box, or crunching on an apple, try this: On a pretty tray, or placemat, use a beautiful china dish or bowl, slice the apple, sprinkle a little cinnamon on it, get out the nice silverware and a cloth napkin, put a flower in a little vase, and create an atmosphere of delight, ALL FOR YOU, all the time.
  • Take the time to really taste your food. Use all of your senses and make eating a true experience.  Savor every bite!
  • When grocery shopping, rather than speeding through aisles, take your time in the produce section…when you pick up the fruit and veggies, smell them, feel their vibration before gently placing them in your shopping cart.  (And you singles, I have two girlfriends who met their husbands in the produce section of markets while they were doing this because the men were enchanted with how sensuously and carefully they selected their veggies!)


Brian wine sunset

Brian is a lover of fine wine and craft beer.  One of his favorite activities is to go to the local specialty shop to discuss the newest and greatest wines with the owner. After he selects his bottle, he comes home and then pours it into his favorite crystal, oversized wine glass.  (When we go to dinner parties, he not only brings his own wine, he also travels with his favorite glass to drink it from!)  When he decides to have a beer, he goes to the freezer to pull out his cold and frosty favorite schooner to drink it from.   He has mastered the art of being a pleasure pig!


Please share with me how you are becoming a pleasure pig by posting comments and photos at


Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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