The Art of Detachment (my sad story…)

When manifesting a dream or desire, there is a Universal Law as important and potent as the Law of Attraction. It’s called the Law of Detachment. When we are emotionally attached to “making” our desire happen we set ourselves up for frustration and disappointment and simultaneously keep ourselves at a vibration that can “push away” what we say we want most.


Now, being detached does not in any way mean that you’re giving up.


It just means that you hold your desire for your dream, and stay as neutral as possible, detached from the outcome, knowing that the Universe is always conspiring in your highest and best good.


I know this sounds nearly impossible and it isn’t always easy.


Today, I am writing about this to remind myself to remember to practice detachment, as it’s a big issue for me right now.


My next book Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate comes out at the end of the year and for the first time ever, I find myself VERY attached to getting massive book sales.


ariandGodIn the past I have worked hard to market my books but have never held high expectations for them….I just figured I would put out my best efforts and then see what happens. This book is very different for me. It’s a very personal book and it’s filled with highly personal stories about all the amazing love restoring skills I have learned over the years.


I know that anyone in a relationship (or anyone who PLANS to be in a relationship) will definitely learn a few things in this book that will substantially improve their connection to their beloved. Thus, my desire to get the book out there in a big way.


Here’s how I am dealing with my “attachment.”


  • Prayer – each time the thoughts bubble up, I close my eyes and thank the Divine for releasing me. I also call in my angels, guides and ancestors and ask them to restore me to sanity.
  • Tapping – I am tapping through the anxiety the attachment causes me with statements such as “I am happy and satisfied that my book is doing exactly what is in my highest and best good.”
  • Reading – I put myself into a heart-centered state of gratitude and then read through the long list of insanely positive reviews the book has gotten so far, reminding myself that are many levels, my job is done. I can now surrender to divine right order.


After 30 years of manifesting, I do know that all it takes to detach is to stay aware and trust that what I have asked for IS already mine. Happy Manifesting!


Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,



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