Is Self-Love A Pre- Requisite Too Soulmate Love?

Self-Love is the hot topic in the personal growth movement these days and when it comes to finding soulmate love, there are a lot of myths including this one: “Until you love yourself first, you won’t be able to get anyone else to love you.” Can this really be true? My experience has been that […]

The New SINGLE Reframe: Be a Solo

Life is changing faster than ever, and this includes the world of partnership. Do you desire a traditional, legal marriage to raise children together? Do you wish to remain single but in a committed relationship? Do you want to share your life with your BFF from grade school, sans sex and romance, and raise kids […]

Life Is Hard, Give Yourself a Break

For many of us, the fifteen months of lockdown and restricted activities were extremely challenging in every area of life. As life began to open up again in recent months, we experienced hope and optimism that normalcy was on the return. Most of us started getting out more, giddy to be social and hug our […]

The Imaginal Cells of Love

In biology there is a term called imaginal cells and it explains how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. The metamorphosis begins when the caterpillar hunkers down on a perch and forms a chrysalis. It then dissolves and decomposes into a cosmic ooze. During this process imaginal cells, which have been ling quietly inside the […]

LOVE is in Your Mirror

For decades I admired the wisdom of the late Louise Hay and looked up to her as an icon of emotional healing and spiritual growth. I loved her fierce courageousness, her willingness to do and say the right thing with the causes that called to her, and her joie de vivre always inspired me. More […]

It’s My Birthday!!! (here’s my wish)

Today I am 68 years old. It’s a reality. It’s a number. It’s also fun to have reached a stage in my life where I no longer care what anybody thinks about me and I can just totally be me. I have gray hair, I weigh 144 pounds, I’ve shrunk down to 5’ 7” and […]

Navigating Chaos with Grace & Ease

My dear friend, the wise and beautiful Rev. Cynthia James, sent out a blog the other day filled with important and potent advice on dealing with the times we are in. She has graciously given me permission to share this with you: These last few months have been quite a ride. A pandemic, social unrest, […]

26 pounds, a muffin top, and true happiness…

Thirty-six years ago I was obsessed with the ambition to attain physical perfection. I had this idea that if I could weigh a certain amount, have my measurements be an exact number, have my hair the best length and all ten of fingernails “long” at the same time, I would be perfect and with that […]

Wabi Sabi Quarantine

Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese aesthetic of seeking to discover beauty and perfection in imperfection. It seeks to find the beauty in things that are old, worn, imperfect or impermanent. When we are in a situation beyond our control, and are finding ourselves highly annoyed or frustrated with someone’s behavior, that is the time […]

The Unexpected Pleasures of Aging

One of the greatest joys of my life is that I get to meet some of the most brilliant and evolved humans on the planet and this includes my friend, Chip Conley. Chip has written several New York Times bestsellers, including Wisdom at Work, and now is the innovator of “becoming a Modern Elder.” I […]