Life Is Hard, Give Yourself a Break

For many of us, the fifteen months of lockdown and restricted activities were extremely challenging in every area of life. As life began to open up again in recent months, we experienced hope and optimism that normalcy was on the return.

Most of us started getting out more, giddy to be social and hug our friends and loved ones that we haven’t seen beyond a Zoom screen for so long.

And some of us have even jumped on a plane and done some traveling.

Plans that couldn’t be made previously (whether career or personal) are popping up and you may be feeling like it’s time to dive back in, make a new list of goals and accomplishments, restart your life and go for it.

Except your previous “get up and go” is now stalling, procrastinating, overthinking, worrying or all of the above.


I think there is still a blanket of anxiety, panic, or uncertainty tugging on many of us.

And the aspirations we had pre-Covid have likely changed or morphed during these trying times.

If this sounds like you (it’s certainly true for me), give yourself a break.

You don’t need to figure out everything right now (as much as we would all love to do that.)

See if you can give yourself the space to operate with tiny, itty, bitty baby steps.

Ask yourself:

  • What are one or two easy things I can do right now for the next two hours?
  • What’s the one thing I want to accomplish today?
  • Spend some time in silence and see if you can hear what your soul is most calling for.
  • Play with your imagination and ask yourself, “wouldn’t it be lovely if_________?”
  • And, then allow the simple and easy path to your desire to make itself known to you.
  • Reward yourself for the little things you do accomplish.
  • Remember to be a pleasure puppy and plan one thing every day that brings you pleasure, delight or joy whether it’s a favorite treat, an aromatherapy bath, walking in nature, watching stupid cat videos online, or listening to your favorite song.

This shared global pandemic has changed all of us.

Give yourself the care and comfort to figure things out, without creating undo pressure on yourself.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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