This took me 36 years to manifest!

I have always been a big believer in Divine Timing. Sometimes my desires manifest almost instantly, others take a bit longer, and recently I had a dream that took 36 years! Here’s what happened: In 1987 I went on vacation with a girlfriend to the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. While there, we […]

What 70 years on the planet has taught me

On December 29th I reach the milestone birthday of turning 70 and I’m surprisingly happy and excited about it. I am feeling mostly healthy and optimistic, and the biggest benefit is that I feel so FREE! Free to do what I want. Say what I want. Be WHO I want to BE. And this state […]

OMG, I’m Turning 70!

It’s almost unimaginable that I am about to turn 70 (I still feel 36). For this milestone birthday, I’ve decided to raise much needed funds for Girl Power Project India (which I helped to launch two years ago.) Please take a moment to read this, it would mean a lot to me. The most dangerous […]

Are You Three Feet from Soulmate Gold?

During the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s there was a prospector named Mr. Darby who spent weeks with a pick and a shovel digging for gold ore. He found a fair amount in a short time. He then went back in search of the motherlode. He dug and dug but couldn’t find any more […]

Is It Your Fault You’re Still Single?

Have you ever wondered if it’s your fault that you are still single? The answer to that question is… maybe. While you may consciously desire to spend your life with a soulmate/lifepartner, it’s possible that old thoughts, beliefs, or patterns are sabotaging your efforts and working against you and not for you. You may have […]

How’s Your Love Life? (& other annoying questions)

With the holiday season just hours away, it’s likely at the family gatherings someone (or many someone’s) will be asking you, “how’s your love life?” If you don’t have exciting news to share or you are absolutely dreading this question, I have some fun responses. Here are a few ideas: Polite response: Not as well […]

The Simple Trick to Feel Happy Fast

I’ll bet you’ve heard the phrase “turn your frown upside down.” When your frown becomes a smile, research has proven that a smile, even if we are faking it, reacts by releasing hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which increase feelings of happiness. Being happy, or tricking your brain into happiness by smiling, has a […]

Is Self-Love A Pre- Requisite Too Soulmate Love?

Self-Love is the hot topic in the personal growth movement these days and when it comes to finding soulmate love, there are a lot of myths including this one: “Until you love yourself first, you won’t be able to get anyone else to love you.” Can this really be true? My experience has been that […]

LOVE isn’t always enough – Tom & Giselle

It’s hard to imagine the heartbreak pain one goes through when you discover you will never be your partner’s #1 priority. I’m not a football fan but I’ve been following the story of the demise of the once storybook 13-year marriage of Tom Brady (45) and Gisele Bundchen. (42) It’s clear there was a time […]

Have More Love in Less Than 5 minutes

In biology there is a term called imaginal cells and it explains how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. The metamorphosis begins when the caterpillar hunkers down on a perch and forms a chrysalis. It then dissolves and decomposes into a cosmic ooze. During this process imaginal cells, which have been lying quietly inside the […]