How to Avoid, or Get Over a Toxic Narcissist (Free Event)

Have you or someone you know and love ever been betrayed by a romantic partner? When I wrote The Love Thief, I never anticipated the overwhelming number of readers who called or emailed to say, “You wrote this book for me. This is my story.” The book follows the journey of Holly, a smart, successful […]

Grateful for 25 Years of Life with My Guru

Several years ago, someone asked me the profound question “Who is your Guru?” After a few heartfelt moments, I found myself whispering “Brian.” To me, Brian is a Divine presence in my life. Like a wise Guru, he has been the guiding light who has inspired and shared with me many important life lessons. And […]

Who Is Holding Sacred Space for Your Dream?

Yesterday I was catching up with an old friend and we spoke about planning a holiday together. She suggested February 2025. I asked her “Why wait, how about February 2024?” and she said, “No, I won’t be available as I will be helping my daughter with my new grandchild.” I told her I was surprised […]


Is there something in your life that has you feeling deeply uncertain about love, money, career, health, or something else? Read on, I’ve got a video for you! I’m a control freak. I love knowing how things are going to unfold and turn out and I especially like having control over all things in my […]


During the Q & A session at my recent Warwick’s book event (which was one of the most fun nights of my life) I was asked: “As someone who is known as a spiritual woman, how did you come to terms with writing about revenge?” Here’s how I explained it: My beautiful sister, the late […]

When the Universe Speaks – LISTEN!

I’m a big believer in signs and I often ask for them to be sent. And, I sometimes argue with the Universe when the signs they send aren’t to my liking. Of course, those are the ones I most need to listen to. I discovered this nearly 5 years ago when I began my novel, […]

The Love Thief ON SALE NOW! Here’s Chapter One.

If you LOVE a good summer beach read, if you’ve ever had your heart broken and, if you are willing to see that dreams really do come true…. this book is for you. He broke her heart and crushed her dreams. And then karma intervened. This is what happens in The Love Thief, along with […]

Is One Soulmate Enough?

One of the questions I am asked most often is “Do we have more than one soulmate?” And the good news is YES! We have tons of potential romantic soulmate/life partners and it’s a myth that each only gets one big love in a lifetime. My definition of a soulmate is this: “It’s someone you […]

The REAL Purpose of Marriage

Someone once said, “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably, they’re both disappointed.” If you’re marrying in the belief that it will make your life significantly better, then things probably aren’t great to begin with. Only you can make yourself happy and […]

The Problem with Happy

We all say we want to be happy. Happy feels great. It seems like the goal to shoot for, but ultimately happy isn’t where you want to land. Why? Because the state of being we call happy is often contingent upon getting something or someone, whether it’s the love of your life, the money, the […]