Is This a Reason NOT to Love Them?

People can be annoying.

It’s just a basic fact of life.

And when we are annoyed, it creates upset and stress in our body, mind, and spirit.

Not to mention the trouble we can cause if we get annoyed and then immediately lash out and create even more drama.

It’s taken me years to train myself to allow myself the time to just “be” with the upset, not to react, or overreact, to the situation.

When I am triggered, I give myself the space to try to figure out what I am annoyed about, and then decide whether or not there is something to do about it.

Sometimes a conversation is necessary to talk things through, but most of the time, once I ask myself the following question, I can soften and release my emotions.

That question is: Is this a reason not to love them?

Nearly 99% of the time whoever you are annoyed at didn’t do anything on purpose.

They were just being their perfectly imperfect human self, and I am pretty sure my imperfect self can be equally annoying to others.

Indulging in feelings of anger, annoyance, or the like are just harming me. According to the scientific research done by the Institute of Heartmath, negative emotions such as anger and resentment actually suppress our immune system for up to eight hours, and who wants that?

These days my process is to stay personally responsible for my reactions and responses to annoyances, which in turn supports me in reaching my desire to be in a state of “Santosha,” which in Sanskrit means “utter contentment.”

In embracing personal responsibility for our reactions and responses, we pave the way for a life filled with utter contentment, even amidst the occasional annoyance.

Wishing you love, laughter, and days filled with Santosha,


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