How to Stay Sane (the Eat, Pray, Love Way)

How’s your mental health? If you’re like me and most of my friends, we are well aware that we live in crazy, challenging times, and we’ve had to learn to do our own “emotional management,” something that requires time and attention to self-care and self-compassion. Being a big believer in “personal responsibility,” I’m always on […]

Raise Your Love Frequency to Manifest Your Soulmate

The entire Universe is made up of energy and we impact this energy field with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and actions. All of us are vibrating, all the time, at various frequencies. When we are in fear, self-doubt, judgment or anger, we are vibrating at a low frequency. When we are focused on love, […]

Love Bombed!

Today I am sharing with you a short video of Chapter 22 from my upcoming novel, The Love Thief. My heroine Holly is meeting with Deepak, a retired professor of counseling psychology and owner of a spiritual bookstore in Rishikesh, India. He has become her compassionate, wise, friend, and confident and blows her mind as […]

LOVE ADVICE from Indian Matchmaking on Netflix

I spent the weekend binge-watching Season 3 of Indian Matchmaking on Netflix. As a self-proclaimed Indophile and a student of love, for me the show is a colorful and sometimes useful concoction of entertainment and sage advice. The star and matchmaker, Sima Aunty, works with single men and women (all over 30, sometimes over 40) […]

My Mind-blowing, Mystical Experience

If you’ve been reading my newsletter regularly, you now know that my debut novel, The Love Thief is a story of love, betrayal, and unexpected transformation with a juicy revenge sub-plot and a surprise ending. What you don’t know is the crazy story about the cover art! Yesterday I received a very unusual email from […]

It’s all Brian’s fault

Writing a novel was never on my To-Do List. Here’s what happened: One day, as a joke, Brian suggested I write a book about him entitled “My Husband Is an Alien.” Even though he was kidding, I started thinking about what a book about him might look like. I often refer to Brian as a […]

The Secret I’ve Been Keeping from You

I confess… I’ve been keeping a secret from you. For the past 4.5 years I’ve been writing a novel. After 11 non-fiction books, this story came to me like a movie in my head and no matter how hard I tried to ignore it, The Love Thief insisted on being written! I haven’t told you […]

The Big Lie: All You Need Is Love

We all know the Beatles tune, All You Need Is Love, which has hypnotized generations to believe that when it comes to romance, love conquers all. If only. All You Need Is Love is right up there with the Disney films and fairytales that sold us on “with love comes happily ever after.” Wrong. If […]


The core basis of my belief and understanding about manifestation (whether you are manifesting love, a car, a new career, or a new little black dress) is this: There is no “time.” The past, present, and future all happen simultaneously. When we have a desire for something, it’s because some part of us “already knows […]

The Magical Formula for Creating Success

In these challenging times, it’s hard for many people to even let themselves imagine creating a prosperous, successful life. But I believe there’s no better time to create success and a life you truly love than right now! And you’ll learn how to create that success in a powerful ebook from my dear friend and […]