What the HECK is Pan Sexual?

I’m confused.

While watching a talk show recently, a famous actor was explaining that after being married with a child for many years, he is now 55, divorced but still best friends with his Ex AND currently calls himself “pansexual.” He said he now dates both men and women, which to me sounded like bi-sexual.

I quickly asked Siri to explain to me the difference between bi-sexual and pan sexual and was taken to a few articles, which essentially say pan-sexuals are attracted to all genders. It turns out there are some people who don’t identify with any gender.

On my search for understanding, I found the Penn State Student Affairs site that lists more than 53 different definitions for all the myriad possibilities of identifying one’s gender.

I understand now that I identify the following attributions: an AFAB (assigned female at birth), Cis female (means I live the gender I was assigned at birth), Dead Name (can be attributed to anyone who has changed their name and I once changed my assigned name), full-time (living as my gender assigned at birth full time) with the preferred pronouns of She/Her.
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I can see how the different ways we all identify can be a challenge for dating apps! I respect all humans and honor their choices to find love and happiness. My prayer is that all who are searching can find the beloved they desire and deserve.

Wishing love to all who seek it,


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