Is It Time to Make Your F$%K – It List?

A few months ago, when I turned 71, something inside me woke up… the part of me that decided that FREEDOM is now one of my highest values.

For me, FREEDOM looks like being able to say NO to just about anything I don’t want to do.

FREEDOM looks like reducing responsibilities and eliminating deadlines as much as reasonably possible.

FREEDOM looks like creating a F#%K -It list! It’s so much fun to take many of the things that were previously on my New Year’s Resolution list, the stuff I thought I wanted to do but never did, and decide NO. Not going to happen. Ever.

Here are just a few of the items on my current F#%k – It list:

Learning Italian. I love Italy. I love the sound of the language. I’ve gone to classes, hired private tutors, and my brain just refuses to comprehend and remember. I will continue to visit Italy, and before my next visit in September I will attempt to learn how to work Google Translate on my iPhone.

Leaving Las Vegas. We used to go to Las Vegas once or twice a year to see great performances and experience hot foodie joints. I can’t do it anymore. It’s like visiting a neon-lit, velvet-lined sewer. Too many people. Lines everywhere. Too much smoke. Even the big-name hotels feel dingy. And the fashion police would have a field day. Vegas brings out the worst of my “judgy” side. Ugh. I’m done.

Divorcing Costco. I love a good deal. Big discounts make me happy. Which is why I used to love my weekly excursions to Costco. The problem is that neither Brian and I can no longer easily carry many of the items (like a 36-bottle case of Italian sparkling water) from the car up the stairs to the house. Now that I have been Costco-free for a year, I realize I still have a dozen cans of French green beans about to expire from the pandemic days. The price may have been a bargain but hassle and waste, ultimately not worth it.

What’s on YOUR F#%k – It list?

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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