Have the COURAGE to love

Courage PB FLAT COVER IMAGECourage is the key to having a fantastically intimate and loving relationship. It is a muscle that must be constantly exercised in order for it to show up in all of your actions and communications.

It takes courage to get into a relationship, to fall in love, and to commit to another human being. It takes even more courage to stay in that relationship, to do the work necessary to constantly create more intimacy, more respect, more compassion and more love.

I once met a woman on an airplane who was about to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. I was in awe and asked her what she thought was the key to celebrating 50 years. She said it was courage — the courage to stay on the merry-go-round even when there are opportunities every time it goes around for you to get off, the courage to make the choice to see through new eyes.

It takes courage to be wrong and allow your partner to be right even if you know you’re right.   And it takes courage, which is another form of trust and faith, to believe that you can reinvent both yourself and your relationship over and over again.

Two years go my angelic sister, Debbie Ford, wrote a groundbreaking book called Courage: Igniting Self-Confidence, today the book is now out in paperback.

In this book:

Debbie introduces you to a new kind of courage. Instead of thinking about courage as something that you do, your life and your choices will be infused with courage.

She will guide you through a divine process to release emotional baggage and step into the delightful vibration of emotional freedom.

You’ll learn to see the perfection in your life and be able to distinguish between higher will and your will. You will be inspired to surrender to the greatest power of all.

You will be able to forgive someone who may appear unrelated to the area of love and relationships but is really blocking you in achieving your heart’s desires. Then you will learn to love yourself in new ways that will affect every area of your life.

You will be guided to allow a new inspired vision to guide you, not a vision based in the past or even yesterday but a new vision that will propel you to love, listen and act in a deeper, more profound way.

And maybe most importantly, in Courage, you will be present to your supreme beauty — all that you are, all that you can be — and you will reclaim the qualities that will take you to the next evolution of yourself.

Love and courage are one and the same because courage asks us to open up to our compassionate heart and the divine warrior within who is ready to take on even the most difficult task of healing the heart and living in love.

I completely agree with Debbie… CLICK HERE to get your copy today.

Wishing you love AND courage,


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