The Coca-Cola & Brownie Solution

I have invited my sister, Debbie Ford, to be a guest columnist today to share with you a powerful story that led her to her work around “the shadow” and the release of her new book THE SHADOW EFFECT which is co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. Please enjoy her wisdom:

People are always asking me, “Why are you so passionate about the shadow? Why do you continue to write, train, teach and encourage people to deal with their darkness?”

More than once, I’ve been urged to write about the light, to call in the angels, to eat some raw food, to talk to the dead, or to say my affirmations. “The light, the light is the answer!” they say. But I constantly keep going back, returning to what gave me access to the luminous light that shines in my life right now.

I recall the time in my own life when Coca Cola and brownies were my solution, my moment of light and holiness. The mixture felt so so fine. For a moment, I felt deeply loved, at peace and blissfully calm. The internal voice in my mind stopped screaming negative messages, taunting me to do more, get more and be more.

But one day when the Coca Cola and brownie solution stopped working no matter how many liters I inhaled or how many pans of brownies I stuffed into my body, I embarked on a quest to find out how I could feel happy, whole, loved and blessed.

In a moment of enlightened thought I was given a deep understanding and an unwavering knowing that until we shine the light not just on our good self but also on our hungry, stuck, frustrated, depressed, empty, scared, insecure and unworthy self, we will continue to be caught in the chase of more, better and different and controlled by our bad and addictive behaviors that rob us of loving who we are and living the

So I am here today to tell you that there are no shadows when we are one with the great illuminator, the love of all loves, the divine and rich parts of ourselves, that hold the power to illuminate our truest, most authentic self.

That is why now I urge you too admit to what “empty solution” is no longer working in your own life and mark today as a new beginning, driven by an unwillingness to tolerate any form of fear that no longer serves you and instead go deeper into the great hunt for the light within that cast out the darkness that you often think of as YOU.

Now for the first time in history Deepak Chopra, myself and Marianne Williamson have joined forces to bring you and in depth, practical guide through the darkness and into the light of your highest most deserved life.

Claim it today along with many amazing gifts and I promise from the deepest place in my heart that you will be lite up, excited and passionate by when you discover the brilliance of your true self.

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