Regardless of your relationship status, one thing you can do this year is to choose to be a Love Warrior. Quite simply, commit to sharing your love and appreciation for the special people in your life.


A Love Warrior is committed to living with an open, generous heart and sharing their love far and wide. (My amazing Brian is the best Love Warrior I know!)


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One definition I discovered is this:


To be a Warrior of Love means to have a platform of behavior that encourages in yourself & those around you to see the absolute best in people & to only accept respectful behavior in those you are close with. To be a Warrior of Love is to take the high road. To be a Warrior of Love means to cultivate a personal juiciness so that you are forever in love with the world.


Here’s how you can be a Love Warrior:

For the special people in your life, let them know how much they matter by writing them a love letter. Share with them what you most love and appreciate about them, how they enrich your life and the world around them, really GUSH! Then put the letter in a beautiful card and send it off to them. Every time you speak or text them, tell them you love them. As my friend Edie Weinstein says, they are only on loan to us; eventually, we all die, so make every moment count.


Courage PB FLAT COVER IMAGENow for the hard part:


I recently re-read my sister Debbie’s last book COURAGE. In it, she advises to write yourself a love letter – a letter that includes at least five ways in which you are a truly great person. This is a letter that should make you blush when you are done writing it. Loving ourselves gives us more love to share with others!COURAGE is an amazing and inspiring book that will show you how to ignite self-confidence, overcome fear, and will give you practical steps to becoming a Warrior of Love. From now till Feb. 22nd, you can buy the Kindle version of COURAGE on Amazon for just $1.99.


Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,



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