Celebrate This Year’s WINS!

As you know, with the Law of Attraction, what we put our attention on grows… this is the fastest way to have more of what we desire in life.

I want to encourage you to spend this holiday season finding and implementing ways to celebrate the “wins” you’ve had this year.

Doing this is a good reminder that you can be your own best friend, cheerleader, and biggest raving fan!

sailing-armsTake time to really have gratitude and appreciation for the hard work you’ve done, the efforts you’ve made, and all the good fortune you’ve called into your life.

By doing this, not only do you get more good, you inspire and motivate yourself to dream bigger and reach farther!

Not sure what  wins to celebrate? Take a moment to answer these questions:

  • Who did you love?
  • Who did you forgive?
  • Who did you help?
  • What bucket list item did you fulfill?
  • What did you accomplish at work?
  • What good thing did you do for your health?
  • What toxic relationship or item did you let go of?
  • What big, new thing did you learn?

Now, from this list, pick a few of your favorite wins and consciously choose to create a fun way to celebrate them.

For instance, last year when my book, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate, was published, I bought myself a beautiful new ring.  Every time I wear it, it’s a reminder that I reached a big goal that I am very proud of.

Here are few other suggestions for celebrating:

  • Create a small victory party with cake and champagne and invite your nearest and dearest.
  • Plant a tree in honor of your win – either in your back yard or dedicate a tree through www.treepeople.org.
  • Buy yourself a huge array of your favorite flowers.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day.
  • Buy yourself something luxurious.
  • Have someone take a photo of you with your arms raised in victory, a big smile on your face and post your accomplishment on your social media so your friends can share in your win!
  • Take this same photo, put it in a beautiful frame and place it on your desk as a daily reminder of what’s possible for you!

Wishing you love, laughter & magical kisses,


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