Forget Resolutions, Use Manifestation Magic (for anything!)

Have you noticed that your New Year’s resolution list looks pretty much the same year after year? Often it’s a lofty bunch of goals that are forgotten within days or weeks.

champagneThis year, try something different! Something that works!

One of the most powerful Law of Attraction manifesting techniques I use is called “The Letter From The Future.”

Rather than look at what’s “missing” in your life and then “trying” to make it happen,” this process puts you into the reality that “what you’ve asked for is already yours” (which it is, even though you don’t know yet how it came to be!).

Try this:

First, think about the few things you most want to be celebrating one year from now.  Then, close your eyes, drop your attention from your head to your heart, and with your full attention on the area around your heart, call up feelings of love, appreciation and gratitude (one at a time). Do this in present moment awareness and Re-Live and Re-Experience these feelings.

Once you have spent 2-3 minutes feeling fully immersed in love, then imagine that you have fast-forwarded into the future.  It is now one year from today and you are looking back at all the miraculous ways you have manifested your dream(s).  You are writing down feeling how excited, happy, content, etc. you are, now that you are living your dream.  (Remember, your dream already exists on the “unseen planes” and you are accessing it from your heart through the Divine Matrix.)

From this perspective, write me a letter.  First, date the letter (Dec. 31, 2017) and then write “Dear Arielle, I am so excited to share with you…” and with as much feeling and detail as you can imagine, tell me the story of manifesting your dream.  Just use your imagination to make up the details while also really “feeling” the feeling of having been successful.

This is an awesome “living as if” process to manifest your greatest dreams! If you wish, you can email it to me (and keep a copy for yourself) or put the letter on or under your sacred altar or inside your favorite spiritual book.  Remember to look for signs and synchronicities along the way and to take inspired action! 

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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