Easy Feng Shui for Fabulous Spring Manifesting

It’s Spring ….yay!

For all of us who love the longer, sunny days, Spring has finally arrived.

This weekend our friend, Shawne Mitchell, came for a visit.  She is an expert who teaches Soul Style – Aligning Your Lifestyle with Your Soul. Part of her amazing books and programs include the art and science of Feng Shui. We were talking about ways to enliven the power places in our homes for Spring in order to boost love, money and health.

Here are a few of the juicy tips she shared:

LOVE – Spring is a great time for new, sensual, luxurious bedding, and for new lingerie and toys.  Why? Because Spring activates our sex hormones! And, consider painting the bedroom a fresh new color.

MONEY – First, place a pot of red geraniums by your front door to really activate abundance! Then, stand in your front door looking into your home, locate the far left corner or the NW quadrant of your home – this is your money corner. Add things such as gold coins, a brass pot for a plant or flowers (fresh, never dried) or a sterling silver tray – these items anchor in the frequency of abundance and money. It’s also a good time to create a money vision board or put up a painting or photograph that represents wealth and place in this section of your home.

HEALTH – Green live plants add vitality to your home and your personal health. You can put them all over the home, but they are especially enlivening in the kitchen and dining room. Then, create a special, sacred space for stretching, yoga, and meditation (and be sure to buy a new yoga mat or meditation pillow) as this will allow you to focus your energy on wellness.  Additionally, be sure to scent this space with lavender to de-stress.  And, if you are currently ill, place photos of yourself from healthier times as a reminder of who you really are.

Spring, the time of rebirth, is an optimum opportunity to rethink, recreate and re-envision what we most desire. Utilizing Feng Shui will help create the frequency of manifestation for you.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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