A Prayer for Lovers

This weekend we were blessed to participate in the wedding of our beautiful Goddaughter Rachel Wohl and her soulmate Andrew Reego. Even as a writer, it’s hard for me to come up with the words to describe the amazingness of the event.

Brian has always referred to Rachel as his “evolutionary love bean” to describe her giant heart, brilliant mind, and commitment to people, animals and the planet. With Andrew, she not only found her perfect life partner, but someone with whom she completely expresses soulmate math – which according to Brian is 1+ 1 equals 2 in arithmetic but in soulmate math 1+ 1 equals 11 and your love blesses the world.

As part of the festivities, I shared with them the benefits of always remembering to put on your rose-colored glasses when things get a little hard with your partner as a way to look for what’s right instead of looking for what’s wrong and Brian edited a poetic work of Rumi into a sacred prayer for them which I have shared with you below:

When we are together, everything is a prayer.
We prayed for change and our love was realized.
We prayed for guidance and we learned to trust each other.
We prayed for happiness and our egos dissipated.
We prayed for peace and learned to accept and love each other unconditionally.
We prayed for abundance and realized our doubts and fears kept it out.
We prayed for wealth and realized it was our health and love for each other.
We prayed for a miracle and realized our sacred union is a miracle.
We both prayed for a soulmate and we appeared in each other’s lives.
We prayed for a deeper love and we realized it was always knocking but we had to invite it in.
Let’s let the magic begin for everyone in this room
Let’s bless this marriage with a BIG YES to their Big Love!
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Wishing you love, laughter, and a love-filled Summer,


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