How To Trust Your Intuition

It took me years to learn to trust my intuition.  Sometimes it was hard to distinguish between my “wishful thinking” and a real intuitive “hit.”


imagesMy friend and intuitive extraordinaire, Colette Baron Reid, shared with me a very simple but powerful technique to use by yourself when you need to access your own intuition. She calls it the YES OR NO technique.


To begin you say your name out loud.  For example: “My name is Arielle.”


Then notice how that feels in your body. When I say “My name is Arielle” I get this very clear “solid” feeling that YES this is absolutely true.


Then make the same statement but with a false name, such as “My name is Violet.”


You will notice that this feels both confusing and wrong.


The next step is to ask the question you most want the answer to…. if you are trying to figure out if the person you have been dating for awhile is the “one,”  or if a potential opportunity is a good thing try this:


“Is ____the one for me?”


Or you can say,


“Is it in my highest and best good to pursue _____ with ________?”


Rev-arms-outIf you feel contracted around your chest area, this is a sign that your body is giving you a “no.” If you are hoping that this person is the right person and you find that you are getting a NO and you see that you are trying to re-work the question to get a “yes” and you are feeling obsessed, or disappointed in how your body is responding, this is how you know the difference between intuition and wishful thinking.


To know the difference between intuition and wishful thinking, pay attention to how you feel and what you’re trying to do with the information. If you’re letting it “be” whatever it is, then you’re getting intuitive guidance. If you’re trying to direct or manipulate the action or outcome with a particular agenda, or if you are afraid or feeling fearful about what you are feeling, then you might be in the realm of wishful thinking. It may take a little practice but developing your inner radar will serve you well.


And, if you want to really dive into this, check out Colette’s Daily Oracle Card Reading Course. This is a 3-Lesson online course to help you get in touch with the best adviser you’ll ever have – Spirit. It teaches you the fundamentals of dialoguing with Spirit on a daily basis to help you adjust your actions or interpretations of events, people, and overall challenges. Amazing resource!


Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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