5 Ways to Heal Your Broken Heart

My good friend and colleague, licensed psychotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT is like me – devoted to helping people find the love of their lives…


And in her work with thousands of women and men, Katherine has found that sometimes it’s a breakup that allows us to do just that.


She pioneered this new and healing way to navigate the ending of a relationship, a way to consciously uncouple with the kind of compassion, kindness and courage that will not only heal your heart, but open you up to creating deeper love in the future.


CU affiliate_300x250Katherine developed the Conscious Uncoupling Process five years ago and has refined it every year until it has become the most powerful, proven and effective approach to parting ways more and more people are discovering every day.


And today she’s letting me share with you the 5 core steps that make Conscious Uncoupling possible, so that you or someone you know can begin to heal from past or present heartbreak:


  • Don’t Give in to Hate: Instead, find or create a safe space for you to deeply feel, witness, and stop fighting challenging emotions so that you can begin to shift them and use their energy for good.
  • Take Responsibility for Your Part in the End of Your Relationship: When you uncover disempowering scripts you hold inside you that have caused your suffering, then you can learn to reframe them into empowered self-reflection, aligning yourself with your deepest truth and power.
  • Heal the Original Hurt in Your Heart: Identify the initial wounding you experienced, and the underlying beliefs you adopted to cope with that wounding. These beliefs have probably been cropping up in your current relationships, sabotaging your chance at true happiness.
  • Clear the Air: It’s powerfully healing to clear the air between you and your former partner. By simply talking-even over the phone-and listening openly to how each of you felt impacted by the other, and not being reactive, you can actually clear away the hurts and resentments.
  • Be Proactive: Rather than waiting for time to heal your broken heart, know that you can be proactive in your own healing, transforming your pain into grace, happiness and the power to reinvent your life.


There’s no one more skilled or experienced than Katherine in being able to guide you through this process and take these steps, and if you or a loved one could benefit from exploring them more deeply with her, then I can’t recommend her free mini-course highly enough:

The Conscious Uncoupling Introductory Course

How to Avoid the 5 Most-Common Breakup Mistakes that

Cause Suffering, Steal Joy, and Prevent Future Love


Wishing you all the love and joy in the world!



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