What Do You Want?

I don’t always get what I want.


UnknownAfter 30 years of studying and excelling at the Law of Attraction, and even though I am considered a “master manifestor,” sometimes there is a conflict between what I say or think I want and what I end up with.


Why is this?


Just having the desire for something isn’t enough to make it so, and…. sometimes I don’t put the kind of attention and action into manifesting that I know it takes to make something happen.


For instance, I often “want” to lose some weight.  I think about it, but the truth is, I have not seriously done anything about it.  I just keep hoping the excess pounds will “magically” disappear or I make up all kinds of excuses as why I can’t do it.


We all do this…..


My current thought about this is simply:  Either I make a commitment to that which I say I desire, then make a plan and get into action, or stop deluding myself into thinking I really “want” that thing, whatever it is.


I call this moving an item from “the bucket list” to “the F$%k It” list.


By taking an item off the list, I free myself up to focus on what my heart and soul is most calling for.


IF you are on the “fence” about whether or not you truly desire something, ask yourself this:


What feeling do I expect to experience when I get _____?

Then ask yourself, am I willing o do what it takes to have this feeling?

Or, is there something else that will get me to the desired feeling?


The answer should then become clear.


Once you know what your soul is truly calling for, remember that on the “unseen level” it’s already yours and then make an enthusiastic plan to “claim it in the 3-D world!”


Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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