Are you “All In” When It Comes To Your Dream?

Sometimes we say we desire something, and then, when we examine our progress (or lack there of) it quickly becomes clear that our desire isn’t necessarily a priority.  It’s more like a hope, or wish, or fantasy.


We rely on magical thinking rather than “working our personal magic.”


I know I am, at times, certainly guilty of this.


imagesThere are things I think about…a lot…but never really take action on…except to make up more excuses as to when I will begin or why I won’t be successful in attaining my desire.


What I know for sure is that, when I do turn my focus and attention on something really important to me, and I willing to make some effort, eventually I attain success.


But, until I get to the point of “going all in” and truly committing, I try to give myself a break and stop “shoulding” on myself, and allow myself to experience as much happiness and peace as possible with how things are right now.


And, often the best way to BEGIN is with a baby step.




Then another.


Going slowly, rather than trying to figure it all out at once.


Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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