The Opposite of the Bucket List

We all know what a bucket list is – those lifelong dreams of things we want to experience or acquire…things we imagine are going to fulfill or exceed our expectations.

Several months ago I shared with you when I fulfilled one of my bucket list items of seeing Stevie Wonder live in concert. It was awesome, amazing, dazzling, spectacular ….everything I hoped it would be.

Bucket lists are a good thing.

I have now discovered what the opposite of a bucket list is.

Turns out that every January 1st my New Year’s Resolution list has the same items on it…year after year. Things such as:

  • Learn to speak Italian. (I can almost read an Italian menu but that’s about it)
  • Do weight training three times a week. (if I get to Pilates once a week it’s a miracle)
  • Go snow skiing.  (I haven’t been on ski’s since 1993)
  • Scuba dive the Red Sea (I haven’t been diving since 1996)
  • Cook a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner from scratch. (I’ve never cooked a turkey)
  • Take up ballroom dancing and learn the Samba. (I no longer even watch Dancing With The Stars)

I have finally realized that I will most likely never do any of these. Leaving them on my “To Do” list takes up energetic bandwidth. I have finally moved ALL these items to a new list – my F*#k It List.

Poof. Gone.  Vanished.

No more wishing, hoping, fantasizing.

The truth is, none of these are a high priority and I want to free up my mind and spirit to enjoy the things I truly have a passion for.

Now it’s time to go take a nap!

Puppy nap






Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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