Spiritual Benefits of Shopping and Tithing

We go shopping for all kinds of reasons:

  • The fridge is empty and we need bread, milk and eggs.
  • We’re craving chocolate or cheesecake.
  • We need new shoes and a little black dress.

We shop for necessity, for fun, excitement and for all kinds of reasons. I am not a big shopper. These days I would rather be getting rid of stuff rather than acquiring new stuff, except when it’s something to which I can attribute meaning or purpose.

I’ve discovered we can shop for spiritual expansion.

Here’s how I do it:

When I accomplish something really big, something I have worked long and hard for, I buy myself what I call a “push present.” I recently completed writing my tenth book and bought myself a beautiful new ring that I wear nearly everyday.

ringsHow’s does this expand me spiritually?

The ring is a physical, constant reminder and proof of my abundance and prosperity that comes from the part of me that is connected to the Divine. And, every time I look at this ring it makes me smile and remember that I have accomplished something that I am really proud of.

When I buy myself a push present I also “tithe” the same amount I spend to someone or something that provides me with spiritual sustenance. This creates even more fulfillment with me.

What is expanding you spiritually these days?

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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