Living As If: A Reminder

The period of time when you are waiting for your soulmate to make his or her presence known to you gives you an important opportunity for self-reflection.

Consider this: If your soulmate had the ability to see your life right now, would you (and they) be happy with what they were observing?

Begin to live your life today as if they are already here. This is the secret to activating the Law of Attraction!

Chances are, if you really knew your soulmate was on his or her way to you, you would hold yourself to a higher standard than you do now ­ so why wait for them to arrive to put these things in place?

Think not only about what you do on a given day but also the way that you represent yourself to others. Remember, you will attract someone who energetically “matches” the degree of esteem that you hold towards yourself.

If there are behaviors you’re engaged in that you wouldn’t want your future lover to see, stop them. This might mean giving up obsessing over your ex-lover or having casual sex with your neighbor.

“Living As If” can be fun, easy and simple. Before I met Brian I was buying him birthday cards, and anniversary cards and “just because I love you” cards. (I really like the cards at I also bought some tickets to concerts and plays that I wanted to attend.

Get creative! One woman I know just finished a “boudoir photo session” and is making an album of sensual photos to hand over to her soulmate when he walks through the door.

Remember, the process of attracting your soulmate is one of magnetism. When you make the choice to live as if your soulmate is already a part of your life, you send out an irresistible signal to the Universe that you are ready now. Not a signal that you’ll be ready someday ­ when you work less and your house is clean and you’ve lost five pounds!

Remember the famous line in the 1989 movie, Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner? “If you build it, they will come.” Living as if is like flipping on a light switch inside your heart. This is the light your beloved will use to navigate his or her way to your door.

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