Can You Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Your Ex?

One of the most frequently asked requests I get is from people who want to know if they can use the Law of Attraction to make someone fall in love with them or to win back an Ex.

Would that work?

If you are a master at Law of Attraction, very possibly….however, I would caution you not to do this. Why? Karma baby!  The Law of Attraction is very powerful but you don’t want to use it as a form of black magic, or as a way to control, dominate, or manipulate anyone. And, it may not get you what you want in the long run.

Just because you think and feel someone is the “one” for you, that doesn’t make it so.  If it isn’t happening organically, or the circumstances are not right for them (they are already in a relationship, or they are choosing not to be with you) I suggest you focus your attention on attracting someone who is open, willing available to BE with you.

Here’s how to use the desire you are feeling towards the unavailable one:

Ask yourself this: What is it I am really wanting to feel and experience with this person?

Right now you are assuming that “having” this person is your only path to these feelings and experiences but reality is showing you that this is not true.

You don’t need to understand why you can’t have the person, but you do need to understand that the things you desire to feel and experience can be yours when you are willing to let go of what doesn’t serve you.

I know how painful it can be when you are yearning for someone who isn’t yearning for you.

Many years ago I was in a difficult relationship where I was constantly trying to make things work and they never did.  One day my friend said something to me that shocked me into reality.

“Trying to get “John” to love you is like asking a man with no arms to hold you.”

I instantly realized she was right.

It wasn’t even his fault.

He just didn’t have the capacity to love me.

Had I tried to use the Law of Attraction to keep him, I would have ended up miserable.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, take the time to uncover what you most want to feel and experience with a soulmate and then follow The Soulmate Secret ( steps to love and make it happen.

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  1. T'Challa
    T'Challa says:

    I visited your website just now and found it most profound. On May 31st I believe I found my soul mate in the most unlikely place but I can’t say for sure. I have not had a chance to meet her yet and I don’t know how to approach her or what to say. For as long as I could remember, I kept having this recurring dream of sitting by a pool with a lady holding hands. There are 3 kids running around the pool and all I felt was overwhelming joy. I never thought much of this dream only that it kept coming all through my childhood and adult life. I met my wife in my freshman year in college and never looked back. She was the most beautiful and wonderful wife a man could ever have. When she past away from breast cancer in 2009 my world came crumbling down. She was my best friend and the center of life for our 2 kids. But throughout my marriage and after her death, I kept having this dream. Last year October, a friend started to teach me about the law of attraction as a way to process my grief. I was sort of sceptic at first but kept an open mind. She started by asking me to attract a feather by focusing my mind and being specific as to what the feather looks like. To my surprise I found it in Texas on December 29th last year. A white feather with a brown tip. As the new year began I’ve been experiencing some weird but wonderful occurrences. I started making more money. I paid off all my debt. And my life is getting back of track. On April 16th, after finishing up my taxes, I felt depressed, lonely. A feeling of emptiness. I had this dream once again. When I awoke I cried. I missed my dear wife. I called my law of attraction friend & told her about the dream. She wondered if it was a soul mate manifestation. She told me attract it to me. The next day I searched the web for anyone resembling the image of the girl in the dream. I found one pic and downloaded it. Each day I would look at it and focus on the dream. I no longer slept in the middle of the bed but to one side. If I bought lunch I would buy two meals. I started to pretend she was already here.
    All the time I had another friend who kept calling me to say she has a friend she wants to introduce me to. But I never took it seriously. A lot of friends are trying to “set me up” with some chick or another. But I was never interested. I never told anyone else about my dream. And this friend has no clue about law of attraction stuff. Anyway, after much nagging I finally decided to go onto her Facebook and have a look at her friend. I didn’t know what I was looking for but the very first pic I clicked on blew my world apart. There I front of me on my phone was the girl of my dreams. I sent the pic to my friend by text & asked who is this girl. She wrote back “that’s the girl I want to set you up with”. I could not believe it. I am so scared because she has no idea. I don’t want to tell anybody. The dream girl is married but going through a divorce. She has a child. She still loves her husband. I was married 10 years before my wife past and she is also married ten years. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen and in her pic she has the very same pose, hairstyle & smile as the pic I downloaded on April 17th. Am I going crazy???
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