What if it was easy?

True love is hard to find.

Relationships take hard work.

Love hurts.

If you are nodding your head “yes” to those statements, chances are you are giving the Universe mixed messages.

Your conscious mind is saying “Yes I totally desire a relationship with my soulmate” and your subconscious mind is believing and vibrating with “Love hurts and is hard.”

Which is going to win?

Have you seen the TV commercials from Staples with the big red “easy button?”

They actually sell one…when you push it you hear “that was easy!”

Today I am giving you an imaginary “love is easy button.”

Here’s how to use it.

Every time you catch yourself saying or thinking that finding love is “hard” – stop and press your easy button and say to yourself:

“I am grateful that my soulmate and I meet easily and effortlessly.” (or write something that really inspires you)

Be willing to let it be easy!

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