Are You Being Sabotaged?

Have you ever noticed that when you go on a diet suddenly someone who loves you wants to feed you a cookie or a cupcake?

When we make big changes, it affects the people closest to us.

As you begin to consciously manifest new people and things into your life, you may find that some of the people closest to you become jealous, or even become passive aggressive towards you, or may even try to sabotage your efforts. Chances are they are not purposely trying to be this way they are just reacting to a new and improved you and they are a bit nervous.

If the shoe were on the other foot, and someone close to you had made some changes – for better or worse— you might find yourself a little unsettled until you had the sense that this person still loved you.

There is an adjustment period. It’s not unusual that the people that we love feel threatened. Your positive changes are threatening to their worldview. It’s part of the price of making change.

For now, keep creating the space for your own personal growth and try not to judge your friends. Now that you’ve found a better way to live have faith that eventually your friends and family will see the merits and benefits and will join you. You are now holding the bar higher so just be patient and understanding with them. And, as they observe how much happier you are, they might decide to make a change as well.

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  1. Alison
    Alison says:

    Hi Arielle,
    I’ve recently discovered you, the Soulmate Secret, Attracting Your Soulmate, etc…and loving it all. I’m in New Zealand and have been interested in relationships for a long time. Like you were before Brian ( and I could totally relate to you), I have been single for most of my life.
    I have been looking into compatibilities between couples ( astrologically)… combining the Western and Chinese astrology and seeing which combinations are favourable.. or less favourable as is often the case with me…ie, my marriage
    Can you please tell me what yours and Brians birthdays are.. I’d be intrigued to see how they compare given what I have learned so far.
    I’m loving your work… its such an inspiration for so many people
    Many thanks
    Alison Hills

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