The Healing Power of Love

This week my friend, Caroline Sutherland, a brilliant medical intuitive, shares her story with us on how she met her soulmate. When she was 40 a famous astrologer told her that her life” would begin at 60.” Not what she wanted to hear but at the age of 60 she found and married her soulmate, […]

Big Love: Secrets from Soulmates Arielle & Brian

Dear Arielle and Brian, My name is Maria and I’ve been raising my two daughters on my own, for 15 years, working very hard to provide the best that I could for them. Now that they are now both in college and I am 57 years old, I have decided to think a bit about […]

LOVE NOW, one banana at a time

My dear friend, Kute Blackson, sent out a newsletter the other day that touched me deeply and he has given me permission to share this story with you. Kute’s teaching is all about expressing your deepest love RIGHT NOW.  Several times each year he takes one client to India for what he calls a Liberation […]

Are you the “ONE” he is looking for?

My friend Brian Burt, 41, is seriously working on manifesting his soulmate and he is inviting all of us to help him reach “the One.” Brian recently posted his very detailed open letter (see below) on Face Book. Not only do I applaud Brian’s creativity and vulnerability, I am thinking that maybe someone reading this […]

Prayer, Gratitude & Acting as If

In his book, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, Gregg Braden shares one of my favorite stories about accompanying a tribal shaman on a rain dance. He expected a big production of music, costumes and dance. However, he was quite surprised by what he saw. The Shaman walked alone to an area marked with […]

Big Love: Secrets from Soulmates Arielle & Brian

Dear Arielle and Brian: When you meet your soulmate, do you know it pretty much right away, and if things go wrong, is he then not your soulmate? How do you know, if things seem great and then fall apart? I have a situation that is pretty unique, and i’m not sure what to make […]

Big Love: Secrets from Soulmates Arielle & Brian

Dear Arielle and Brian: I have been divorced for nearly ten years from someone I really loved me but constantly cheated on me. I have been on a spiritual path for many years now, I have done affirmations and made vision boards but in spite of my best efforts to “get out there” and meet […]

Big Love: Secrets from Soulmates Arielle & Brian

Dear Arielle and Brian: Three years ago I met someone who I strongly believe in my heart is my soulmate. We are engaged and have lived together for the past three years. I discovered he cheated on me and I told him to leave the house. He has grovelled, begged for me to take him […]

Big Love: Secrets from Soulmates Arielle & Brian

Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret:  Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction and her husband Brian Hilliard, a business consultant, answer your questions about life, love and relationships. They believe that whether you are eighteen or eighty years old finding Big Love is always possible. Email your questions to:  […]

Big Love –Secrets from Soulmates Arielle & Brian

Dear Arielle & Brian, Since I read the Soulmate Secret and did the exercises to heal my past relationships and cut the energetic cords to past lovers, four of my old boyfriends and my former husband have called wanting to reconnect with me.  What’s up with that? Thanks for your help, Cindy ________________________________________ Dear Cindy, […]