Broken Heart? This will make all the difference.

I’m writing about a very tender topic today…

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a relationship asking yourself, “How can I survive this?”

It can feel like you’re walking around with an open wound, right? Everything aches.
In fact it hurts just to be awake and sometimes there’s no end in sight.

And then you realize: it’s not just your relationship that broke… your heart broke too. You broke.

I’m sorry to bring this up. We’ve all been there and no one likes to talk about this side of love… but I want to help.  Because if you’re experiencing debilitating heartache right now, or you’re still dealing with the residue of past heartache…The pain you’re feeling doesn’t have to continue.

The good news here is that most breakup pain isn’t caused by ending your relationship. It’s created by the way you’ve been taught to end your relationships.

Unfortunately, most of us have been misled to “break apart” in devastating and destructive ways… and we make damaging and dangerous mistakes that end up creating more suffering, costing us our sanity and stealing our joy. They can even prevent future love!

That’s why so many of us spend 5… 10… 30 years trying to heal from past breakups.

And the crazy thing is, we think that we have to just suffer through it and just hope that eventually, someday, we’ll get over it and won’t hurt anymore. We’re left feeling powerless and hopeless to help ourselves in any really meaningful way.

Yet, now it’s time to learn a different way …

Discover the Art of Conscious Completion in This FREE Online Seminar

Rather than only focus on the pain and problem, this empowering online teleseminar will teach you the step by step process of how you can accelerate your healing by using the pain you are in to catalyze a whole new life.

Until we learn how to heal from these breakup mistakes and learn how to conscious complete our relationships in an entirely new way, we run the risk of remaining in pain and living lesser lives … making things worse for ourselves and our children or loved ones.

You are not alone. We all know what it’s like to hurt and suffer from a breakup. And I want to help you get out of any pain like that quickly!

And that’s why I’m writing this email today… to share with you an empowering training from licensed psychotherapist and national bestselling author of Calling in “The One,” Katherine Woodward Thomas.

This FREE Online Seminar will deliver you an entirely new way to approach the end of love.

Katherine will equip you with a powerful, proven step by step process to help you avoid the hellacious damage so often associated with breaking up… as well as show you how to heal any damage you may have suffered in the past.

Learn How to Avoid (or heal from!) the 3 Breakup Mistakes that Cause Suffering, Steal Joy & Prevent Future Love:

Katherine has helped over 100,000 people find love and now she’s helping us heal and complete relationships in a loving way.  With such a difficult subject matter, I’m touched by her wisdom, kindness and comforting manner in carrying people through her process.

So if you’re hurting, or still not over that past relationship, I really hope you’ll get the salve you need when you listen to this call.

Even if you’re not in a breakup right now, this information is vital to any of us who has ever suffered the painful ending of a relationship. Plus it doesn’t cost a thing to attend.

Sign Up Now For This LIVE Global Teleconference Event

Make sure you sign up even if you can’t attend live-she’ll send you the recording.

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