Turn Your Internal POWER on

I woke up at 4am on New Year’s Day totally excited and energized about this New Year and all the potential and possibility it holds. I had so many thoughts racing through my head that I jumped out of bed to write them down. As I pondered it all, I came to a big realization that the first thing I want to do is to make sure NOT to “should” on myself this year.


You know what I mean “I should do this and I should do that.”


“Shoulding” just causes stress. Ugh!


I decided to thoughtfully choose where I focus my energy if a project provides:

  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Fun, Flow & Ease
  • Contribution
  • Prosperity


If a project offers this, then I am a big YES.


I am all in.


HarriettA couple of the ventures I am dreaming up are really BIG, a little scary in size and scope, and I’ve decided that when I need inspiration, I will look to one of my new role models:

Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, N.C.

This 92-year-old recently finished the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – her 16th race. Not only did Thompson cross the finish line, she is the oldest woman to complete a marathon. Thompson finished the 26.2-mile race in 7 hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds. (I was amazed at how good she looked at the finish line, lipstick still intact!)


Oh, and by the way, she is a two-time cancer survivor and she lost her soulmate of 64 years less than a year ago.


As you begin this New Year – ask yourself what big dreams you plan to co-create with the Universe and who you can you look to for inspiration to power up.


Wishing you love, laughter and Magical kisses,


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