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Pleasure Puppies – Only 6 weeks left of SUMMER

Are you having ENOUGH pleasure in your life? Are you willing to have MORE PLEASURE NOW? Summer is the perfect season to UP your pleasure puppy game, build your oxytocin levels, reduce your stress, and have more fun. Here’s what I am committing to doing to fill my oxytocin tanks: Swim in the ocean See […]

Permission to INDULGE!

Happy Thanksgiving! This is a day for gratitude, as well as nourishing ourselves with delightful, tasty foods and nurturing our hearts and souls with those we most love. When we allow ourselves the joy of indulging all of our senses, we enhance our brain chemistry, especially by increasing the amount of dopamine in our brain.   Dopamine activates […]

New, Fast, Fun Ways to MORE Pleasure, Less Stress

I don’t know about you, but lately, it seems that everyone I know is totally stressed out, not just from their own lives, but from the “frequency in the field” – hurricane disasters, political nightmares, money worries, illness, etc. Even if you are safe, dry, and your life is peachy right now, chances are you are […]