Soulmate Success! Meet Robin Rice Who Dared to Dream of Love!

Here’s a letter I just had to share with you from my friend, the amazing Robin Rice, who shares how she manifested her soulmate five years ago.

Dear Arielle,

As you know, I just love your book, The Soulmate Secret, and the story of how you found your beloved Brian. Since I have a Brian of my own, I wanted to share how I manifested him, using the very techniques you speak of… imagining, feeling, knowing, and living as if it is already done.

Let me first say that after seven years of being single, I was more than a little discouraged and frustrated. I knew I was clear on what I wanted, and I felt he was out there—somewhere. But it was getting hard to have faith. So I got really, really serious. I took action.

First, I decided that luxury and sensuality were big parts of what I wanted in my relationship. So I went out and got 600-count sheets for my bed, a few extra fluffy new pillows, and a dozen votive candles to surround my bed with. I also got fresh flowers to put with the candles.

Every three days—yes, without fail for seven months—I put out fresh flowers, and took the wilted flowers and put them out in a nearby river, asking Mother Nature to carry my wish to the great Mother Ocean.

Every night, crawling into bed, and every morning waking up, I felt the luxury and sensuality I imagined my beloved would bring to me. I smiled to myself, feeling what it would feel like even before he arrived. I sent prayers for him, knowing he was already somewhere in the world, and maybe even wishing for me.

The seven months more than paid off. My Brian is the easiest, most sensual, most luxurious relationship I’ve ever had times ten! I could not have imagined the ease with which we partner in our lives. It’s five years now, and we’ve had a private wedding in every country we have traveled to!

As you say… dream it, feel it, know it and then see it.

Much appreciation for all you offer us!

Robin Rice

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