Elevate Your Happiness – here’s how

Sarah Trimmer, who – after a devastating cancer diagnosis – decided to engage with her own health and recovery in an interesting way. She chose to focus her energy on elevating her own happiness every single day, with a simple and elegant technique. Twice a day (morning and night, no matter what difficulties she was facing) she would take a moment to complete these five sentences:


grateful-happiness1) Today I am grateful for….


2) Today I helped someone by…


3) Something that made me happy today was…


4) Today I learned that…


5) Tomorrow I will….


This simple process turned Sarah’s life around and gave her joy and contentment. While she doesn’t know what the future holds, she is doing well now and is excited about her future.


Here’s how I answered these questions:


1)    Today I am grateful for my current experience of santosha – utter contentment.  Life isn’t perfect, but I am enjoying it exactly as it is.


2)    Today I helped someone potentially reach more than 3 million people to view his passion project.  Doing it was easy as can be and it felt so good to help.


3)    Something today that made me happy was completing a writing project that turned out better than I hoped for.


4)    Today I sadly learned that a former business associate died of cancer and it reminded me to appreciate every precious moment.


5)    Tomorrow I will spend several hours teaching women how to manifest a soulmate knowing that 100% of them can be successful.  I love sharing the excitement and possibilities!


What about you?


Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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