Secrets to Manifesting Love At Any Age

Lynn Fletcher had led a typical baby boomer life. She raised two wonderful children and has two marriages which both ended in divorce. Lynn, ready for new romance, was feeling frustrated and impatient in the domain of love. One thing she knew for sure, she did not want her future soulmate to be Irish.

Both ex-husbands were of Irish descent and she was certain she needed to change this pattern.

During a reading with “an angel lady Jane” she was assured that “Matchmaker angels are at work in your life.”

Several months later, most likely guided by Angels, she read The Soulmate Secret.

“This became my bible. I kept it on my nightstand table and did the processes and rituals in the book including, making my wish list, feng shui’d the bedroom, made space in the closet and dresser, bought him a birthday card, did the feelingizations, and followed everything to a T. There were times when I could really FEEL my soulmate searching for me and I could even feel him spooning behind me on the bed!

Lynn also made a daily practice of “Living As If” as well as working on healing her heart from past relationships.

To help her with this she very smartly she hired relationship coach, Dawn Allen, who in the very first session showed her that she was afraid of getting hurt again and helped her work through her issues.

Last October, at age 52, Lynn was feeling optimistic that love was on the way to her. An ex-boyfriend invited her to a party, and even though she didn’t want to go, she knew it would be a good opportunity to meet lots of new people. She was right. It was there that she met Mike.

“On our first date I realized he possessed many of the qualities I was looking for and I was totally able to be myself with him. We both wanted the same things in life and we had both experienced two divorces, plus family is super important to him.”

On Lynn’s Soulmate Wish List was “he must be a Harley owner.”

Surprisingly, on their second date Mike took her for an afternoon ride… on his Harley! Just prior to their third date, Lynn realized she didn’t know Mike’s last name and asked him about it while they were on the phone. He responded, “Clougherty.”

“Is that Irish,” Lynn asked?

“Yes, 100%, why is that a problem?”

Lynn then confessed that both her ex-husbands and last relationship were partly Irish.

He explained that the problem was she needed a man that was 100% Irish… which made her laugh.

By the end of the third date, Lynn was certain that Mike was her 100% Irish soulmate.

Today are happily co-habiting and in a committed relationship that may or may not lead to marriage because as they say they have, “been there, done that.”

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