Two Soulmates Share Their Secrets

I recently connected with a very special soulmate couple, Dr. Lara Fernandez & Johnny, who I’ve been hearing about for quite some time. Johnny and I were on a radio show together and I just loved hearing his approach to love and life and the love of his life, Lara. Johnny and Dr. Lara are dedicated to helping conscious, spiritual women prepare themselves in mind, body, spirit, and heart for the soulmate of their dreams. They are co-founders of LifeLaunch Training, home of the LoveLaunch Weekend Intensive. Last week I did a little mini-interview with them and here’s what I learned about them:

Q: I heard that you two have said that the Law of Attraction will NOT help you manifest your soulmate….what do you mean?

J& L: We totally believe in the Law of Attraction but it’s not the only answer. We have found that a lot of people need to do more of the inner work. It’s what we call “raising your vibration to being a soulmate.” This is how we believe you magnetize yours soulmate to you. You become more of who you really ARE rather than who you have been conditioned to be by society, our family and traditional media.

Q:How did you two meet?

Johnny’s story: Lara magnetized me from New York to San Francisco area 11 years ago. When I moved it was because I had a strong feeling that I need to be here in California. I came with no job, no friends just a knowing. Once I committed to moving, a job fell in my lap. I am a recovering smart guy (and a lawyer) and I began looking at what would be different for me in relationship since I had just come through a messy divorce. I found some mentors who taught me about spirituality and energy and who showed me how grow into the emotionally mature man I am today. One year after moving to California Lara and I met through . A few months after that we moved into together and Lara shared with me how she magnetized me to her.

Lara’s story: I had been married and divorced at a young age. For years I had several six-month relationships. After the last excruciating breakup I decided to take a break from dating and began reading a lot of books on loving myself. I met an amazing coach who helped me do a lot of “inner work.” She was always there to remind me, who I really am. I was a chiropractor but not making much money and often complained that my soulmate wouldn’t love me because I wasn’t making a big salary.

She taught me that my soulmate would love me no matter what – that was a completely new concept for me!

I was sick and tired of being lonely and hanging out with other unhappy single women. I realized that I needed to commit to either finding my soulmate or becoming the cat lady. I chose to be commited to manifesting Big Love. I began writing letters to my soulmate. I began to feel like he was nearby. For the next two years I was focused on manifesting Big Love. During this time I created a soulmate wish list, a love altar, a vision board, and spent a lot of time meditating and connecting with nature.

Then within one week five people suggested I join I took that as a sign and even though I didn’t own a computer at the time, I went to a friend’s house and got online. I put up a profile (without a photo!) and two weeks later met Johnny! The rest is history.

Today, Lara & Johnny share their love and relationship magic through newsletters and a great workshop called the Life Launch Weekend. If you are ready to take the next step to removing the blocks in your love life, you can check them out at:

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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