The Power of Touch!

You won’t believe what I told my dear friend Allana… She interviewed me, we covered a LOT and it was Divinely delicious!! I have a pretty wonderful life yet I revealed things I may have never even told myself how does she do that with such grace?! That’s why she’s interviewed my sister Debbie, Whoopi Goldberg, Delta Burke, Lisa Nichols and more. At one point in the interview I actually SANG to her. Talking to Allana was a lot of fun and at the end of this message is a link so you can hear the interview (for free) if you wish.

Allana believes we are in such a high tech, low touch society, that we need to Slow Down and Touch. Here’s her sage advice:

1. Touch The Ones We LOVE! With those we trust and love, Allana encourages us to make conscious contact with someone, heart to heart. Then BE with them by holding hands, giving longer hugs (try it for 6 seconds!), and snuggling more with our kids. (I couldn’t agree more!)

2. Touch The Parts Inside We Neglect: She wants us to embrace, love, validate and be tender with our inner child who may feel scared, ashamed, angry, afraid or judged. Literally cuddle a pillow and imagine you’re being tender with a part of you who’s normally ignored. Make time to journal with the part of you that feels avoided, let her know you hear her, that you’ll take care of her, that all is well.

3. Touch Your Self: She actually does mean self pleasure! And not for the goal of orgasm, instead to expand our capacity for pleasure and help us teach our partners what really turns us on. She also recommends slowing down and say kind words to our thighs when putting on body lotion and even hugging ourselves to remind us how far we’ve come, and how brilliant this very moment is.

4. p.s. Touch NOT Those Vampires! She’s big on boundaries and insists we say NO to energy vampires. Even if they ask for a hug, stick out your hand and say, “I’d prefer a handshake. Thank you.” It takes the courage of risking they reject you, yet with practice, you can do it.

She’s doing something extraordinary this October 29th. Instead of explaining everything to you myself, here’s a complimentary copy of the interview so you don’t miss out…

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses!


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