Got Faith?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about faith and trust….and asking myself, how much of it do I really have? And, what does it take to have 100% faith and trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should?


As someone who has had ongoing success implementing the Law of Attraction, I sometimes wonder if my desires arise because part of me already knows what is coming, or…do I influence what is coming because I create the conditions for it to arise?

Maybe it’s a little of both!

Here’s the part I know for sure: once I drop my desire into the Universal soup, it’s time to surrender and trust that what I have asked for IS ALREADY MINE.   So, wherever you are in your manifesting process….don’t forget this piece of the pie.

Mother Nature knows how to do her job.  You wouldn’t go pulling on the leaves of your tomato plant at 3:00am saying to it “grow faster, grow faster” now would you?

Here are a few of my favorite quotes on this topic:

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”
-Saint Augustine

“Faith is believing that the outcome will be what it should be, no matter what it is.”
-Colette Baron-Reid

“Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.”
-Khalil Gibran

“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.”

Practicing “faith” takes a bit of discipline…we need to stay aware of our thoughts and beliefs and not let our monkey mind get the best of us. As a constant reminder, I’ve recently put a post it note on my computer that says “Got Faith?”  Yay!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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Are you really in love? (plus find LOVE on Facebook)

Did you get your heart broken in high school or college?

Or, did you break someone’s heart?

Are you single now?

Are they?

Fascinating new research shows that if you reconnect with someone from your past that you were once in love with and both of you are now single, there is a 70% chance that you can reconnect and have a happy life together!

Helen Fisher heartOne of my favorite TV shows, CBS Sunday Morning, recently did a segment on this topic, featuring Dr. Helen Fisher, and highlighted several couples that found each other again, including one woman who reunited with her Ex via Facebook. In spite of the fact that one of them dumped the other in the long ago past, these couples reconnected and are now happily married.

What happened?

According to Dr. Fisher, anthropologist, love expert, and Rutgers University professor, the brain chemistry and circuitry that first had them fall in love was “re-ignited.”

Why? Because chances are you will still find each other attractive, and you share important history together. There is a built in comfort level:  You already know each other…family, friends, and all kinds of background info. If you re-connect, you could have your brain chemistry triggered and voila, romance re-blossoms!

Dr. Fisher and her research partner, Dr. Lucy Brown, have a new website, where you can learn much more about love and they offer a fantastic quiz where you can discover if you really are “in love.”  They call it a Love Calculator and it measures the Passionate Love Scale. Try it now at

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Soulmate Manifesting Tips From a Master

I recently read Wayne Dyers new book WISHES FULFILLED and fell in love with it.

In this brilliant book he says, “by using your imagination and practicing the art of assuming the feeling of your wishes being fulfilled, and steadfastly refusing to allow any evidence of the outer world to distract you from your intentions, you will discover that you, by virtue of your spiritual awareness, possess the ability to become the person you were destined to be. Wow!

The “feelings” of knowing and trusting that what you have asked for is already yours is the key to manifestation success!

Last week I interviewed Wayne on my radio show to discuss the book and the topic of “negative thoughts” came up…I shared with him that so many of my students get stuck in doubt, fear and negative thinking.

Wayne’s response was:

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Wanna Be “Right” or “Loved”?

The Only REAL Choice in True Manifestation

Do you want to be “right” or do you want to find love?

I recently gave a free online seminar on the Three Keys To Manifesting Love and I later heard from a few people who are “insisting” that love isn’t possible for them because:

**They are in their 60’s and it’s a “fact” there are a lot fewer available, appropriate men.

**Their “one and only soulmate” has now reincarnated as their grandchild.

**According to channeled entities they “karmically” are not entitled to a soulmate this lifetime.

These are just a few of the many reasons, beliefs, and excuses I have heard as to why people have convinced themselves that they can’t and won’t find love.

Here’s what I have to say about this: Baloney!  Not true!

But… because they are holding onto these beliefs so tightly, chances are they will be right.

They won’t find love.

They are using the Law of Attraction against themselves.

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Goals vs Desire – Which One Comes From God?

We live in a world full of paradoxes. The “success” teachers say we need to write long lists full of goals – short-term, long-term, even 5-year goals.  The “spiritual” teachers advise us to “let go and let God.”  The Law of Attraction tells us that we will bring to us the people, places, and experiences that match our “state of being.”

It’s easy to see why some people might just get confused and/or frustrated.

I think that all of these approaches work if you believe they will (depending on your level of consciousness and to some degree, your destiny).

For me, GOALS often show up as “things I think I should want or should have” based on influences of the world around me. These things will not necessarily make me happy or bring me fulfillment.  Otherwise, all rich people would be insanely happy and satisfied.

Research shows that lottery winners are no happier one year after they have won than before they got the money, and that someone making $10 million a year is no happier than someone earning $50, 000 a year. And yet, when it comes to writing out goals I’ll bet 99% of us have making more money as a top goal.

When it comes to manifesting a soulmate, I do believe it’s important to have clarity around the heart traits and qualities you most DESIRE in a partner along with a general idea of what your lifestyle will be like (the city you where live, the types of activities you participate in together).  Building your desires is heart centered and important in your soulmate attraction plan.

I also believe that if you try to completely design every last detail about your soulmate, you are setting yourself up for extreme limitation and you aren’t allowing the Universe to bring you someone who can make you happier than you can even imagine.

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