Science Indicates Feelingizations Work!

For those of you who do my feelingizations to manifest your desires, you know that they all begin with a “heart lock-in,” a tool developed by The Institute of Heartmath, to get you into a state of “heart coherence (HRV).”

Essentially you are guided to move your attention from your head down to the area around your heart as you recall and re-experience feelings of love, appreciation or gratitude. You “re-member” one or all of these feelings and as you do, your heart rhythm changes into the HRV state and that is measurable.

Once you are in this HRV, heart-centered state, it is from there that you drop in your desire, for whatever it is you most want to manifest, knowing and trusting that what you have asked for is already yours. These feelingizations are available for free, click the button below!

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This new study has validated the tool’s effect on synchronization between the heart and geomagnetic activity, which is significant because this synchronization is associated with better health.

Here is part of the report:

The published study explains that “higher levels of HRV are associated with resiliency, capacity to self-regulate and to adapt to changing demands,” and lower levels of HRV “indicate pathology, chronic stress, or insufficient functioning in regulatory systems … and is associated with all-cause mortality.”

“The Heart Lock-In Technique,” the researchers explained, “focuses on building the capacity to sustain heartfelt positive emotions. The technique is generally practiced for five to fifteen minutes at a time, although longer sessions may be used as well.”

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So, now you can manifest your desires while you also improve your health!

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What stops you from achieving time and money freedom?

The older I get, the more I cherish time with my family and friends – and the more quality time I want to spend with them.

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Feel-good romance to change your level of attraction.

“While I was in the process of finding my soulmate, reading happy-ending love stories—AKA romance novels—really helped me.

Nothing lifts the mood for “feelingizations” better than a well-written story where the characters emerge triumphant in their search for love. But being a physician with knowledge of psychology, as well as a committed to personal growth, I realized something was missing.

It was difficult to find positive, enjoyable stories with relatable characters facing realistic challenges. That’s how my Sunshine State Series started.

In each funny, sweet and sexy standalone novel, the heroine must overcome her own barriers to love—from getting trapped in her own list of “deal-breakers,” to the ultimate fear of finding love and then losing it.”

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