5 Ways to Vibrant Love

This week I am very excited to introduce you to my friend Shayne Traviss, who is an author, student of life, producer and founder of VividLife.me (And Oprah follows him on Twitter!) I’ve asked him to guest blog and share some of his wisdom about love with you. This for both singles and couples. Enjoy!

Are you on an endless search for ‘the love of your life’? Signed up to dating sites, apps… but every night you end up alone, walking the stairs with a cup of tea, snuggling in bed watching other people’s love stories on Netflix, wondering, ‘When will my prince(ess) arrive?’ You’ve been waiting for this fairy tale to come to true your entire life thanks to the conditioning of story books and Disney movies. When the whole time the love of your life, the prince(cess) has been right under your nose. You’ve just been looking outside for what’s already within.

Within each of us is both the inherent truth that we are what we’ve been looking for, and the wisdom to attract what we desire. We have to only stop the outward search long enough to listen to our inner guidance.

The secret to finding love, is to be love, like attracts like, love attracts love. So if you’re not vibrating love; still healing from a relationship, low self worth, holding onto anger, unforgiveness,… you need to start right there. With what the great Sufi poet Rumi so eloquently described in this quote:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

You won’t find love (true love), until you’re vibrating love and to KEEP LOVE, you also must vibrate love.

5 Ways to Vibrate Love

Be Still

It’s amazing what insight comes when we stop long enough to listen and how fulfilled our path becomes when we use what we’ve found to live authentically’

Authenticity being key. And how can we know our own voice, our own desires, unless we get still enough to listen. There are many practices designed to help us channel that voice, my personal favorite being Shinrin Yoku, which is Japanese for Forest Therapy, and others like; Friluftsliv (Norwegian for connecting with presence to your natural environment), Vipassana (meaning insight), and of course Meditation. And once we’ve given ourselves the time and space to be still, whatever path we decided to take to get there, we access a place and a peace quite beyond our understanding. Deeply in alignment (vibrating) with love, sweet unconditional love, most importantly of ourselves.


And from this space, where we’re vibrating with true authentic love. We take the opportunity to inquire within, as to discover any, and all obstacles we have or have built, to love. Perhaps we don’t know our own true self worth, perhaps we are carrying thorns from past relationships whether with a spouse, family, or friends, maybe we’re holding onto resentment, anger, unforgiveness which are all in a sense blocking us from being in the vibration of love.

And if we’re not vibrating love, we can’t attract love.


Listen to the wisdom you’ve gain in the stillness and use it to work (in baby steps of course) on tearing down the walls (obstacles to love) and remember you didn’t build them overnight, and so you won’t take them down that way either. Recovery from relationships, and most importantly the one we have with ourselves is a process that is best done ‘slow, steady, connected and focused’. Each step along the way gaining the wisdom necessary to…

Let Go

Learn to let go of the obstacles you’ve built one by one, and with that, let go of the expectations you have that love show up all neat and tidy like the fairy tales we’ve been trapped in. It’s not coming at you on a white horse, in a fancy ball gown. It’s coming for you with a big dose of reality and a mirror that reflects at you exactly what you need to let go, and to let love.

Trust Yourself

And from this space, trust yourself, dive in, run into loves arms and you will be embraced by love. But the first lover you should embrace isn’t another. The first lover you should embrace is yourself. And when you’re in love with yourself others can’t help but fall in love with you.

Because love is the universal language without words. It works on the law attraction. And we attract to us not what we ask for, but what we are.

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