Pick a Partner That Has Your Back

For better or worse.

Through thick and thin.

Will take a bullet for you.

Is solid as a rock.

Always has your back and is your biggest cheerleader and safe place to land.

As humans we need to feel physically and emotionally safe, especially with our beloved.

Choosing a soulmate/life partner is the most important decision most people will ever make.

Selecting your partner requires that you go beyond the “feelings” (yes, we all want to feel the magic and romance of being in love) AND we need to be strategic and mindful when determining if this person has the capacity to participate in a long term, happy relationship.

Since humans don’t automatically come with a “guarantee or warranty,” it’s up to us to slowly take time to get to know them.

Are they honest?

Financially responsible?

Open and willing and available to make a long-term commitment?

We need to find out if they have emotional intelligence, empathy, impulse control, humility, curiosity, love, and heart connection to navigate life’s ups and downs with us.

To discover all of this, we need to have lots of to see them in action. This takes time.

And, just as you are not perfect, neither are they, and learning to love each other in spite of the flaws (but not the red flags) is what a mature, adult love relationship is ultimately all about.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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