Why Writing a Book Is an Act of Self Love

As someone who has written 12 books, had a big career as a book publicist and a literary agent, I’ve been deep in the publishing world for most of my life.

Yesterday I was talking an old friend who was interviewing me for an article she is writing for a major publication about becoming an author in your later years, and I had an epiphany:

I realized that sharing my life experience (whether in fiction or non-fiction) was and is an act of self-love.

Through the simple act of telling my stories I re-enforce so many things such as:

I have learned and earned a great deal of wisdom.

I’m a survivor and a thriver.

My ups and downs can provide inspiration, motivation, and education.

With each book I’ve written I’ve healed dark and broken places in myself and shown a light on the good I’ve received.

I’ve shared transformational processes that can deeply improve your life.

And, most importantly, with the completion of every book (whether it was successful in the marketplace or not), I have felt satisfied, fulfilled, and accomplished.

While the act of writing is mostly solitary, the process of creating a book takes a village.

All writers need (and crave) input from friendly and trustable people for assistance and feedback. ALL WRITERS need this.

If you are part of the 82% of Americans who plan to write a book someday, and you are ready to get started, I’m excited to introduce you to one of my friends, Christine Kloser, who is a true gem in the author space.

She’s a best-selling author, award-winning publisher and transformational author coach who has trained nearly 80,000 authors in 127 countries.

She’s endorsed by top thought leaders like Neale Donald Walsch, Lisa Nichols, Gay Hendricks, SARK, Michael Gerber and more… plus top publishers and literary agents. She’s as “real deal” as it gets.

Christine is hosting a phenomenal, free, five-day author training starting May 17th called the Book Breakthrough Quest.

Based on her 17-year track record of success, and my personal relationship with her, I fully trust Christine to guide you with integrity, ethics, care, skill and knowledge. Whether the book you write is read by 100 people or one million (or more!), you will never regret having spent the time and energy reminding yourself of all that you have become.

Do yourself a favor and register now.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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