Manifesting Magic in 26 mins. (NEW no-cost video from me)

Here is a simple fact:

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working, whether you are focusing on it or not. The vibration of your thoughts and beliefs and feelings are constantly co-creating your reality with the Universe…

As a student of the Law of Attraction for more than 30 years, I still need to stay aware of my thoughts & beliefs and “manage” them.  It is easy to let our monkey mind take over and fill us with negative thoughts.

For the launch of my new coloring book, Inkspirations: Love By Design Coloring the Divine Path to Manifest Your SoulmateI created a free 26-minute video (bookmark it when you get there) on how to use the Law of Attraction for the best results and I want you to have access to it here.

On this site, you will see pages from the coloring book and then scroll down to the box to fill in your name to get free access.

Remember, the Universe has your back, and the Law of Attraction works, but not always on the timetable we are hoping for, so never give up!

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


P.S. Today is the official publication date of my book… If you buy the book NOW, it will help me reach my goal of being #1 on the Amazon Adult Coloring book list. ☺

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