Love, Law of Attraction and YOU!

images-8Friday is Valentine’s Day (as I am sure you know) and I want you to give yourself permission to spoil yourself completely!

If you feel yourself resisting this idea, please remember that the Law of Attraction states “what you put your attention on grows.” When we focus on self love, we attract more love.

Now, what would ‘spoiling yourself’ look like for you?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Write yourself a love letter.  Get out a nice card or piece of stationary and really give yourself the freedom to express all the things you most love and appreciate about yourself…really go for it. Gush big-time and be your biggest fan!
  • Gaze into a mirror, look deep into your own eyes and speak these words out loud: “I really love you.  You are a totally wonderful, beautiful, magical person deserving of great love.” 
  • Make a plan, today, for what you will do on Friday night. If you enjoy cooking, invite a friend or two over to join you for a delicious meal with fresh flowers, candles and an atmosphere to celebrate friendship.
  • Buy yourself a special gift…. perhaps a piece of jewelry you can wear daily as a reminder of how much you admire yourself!
  • Share words of love and appreciation with all your non-romantic soulmates.
  • Take some photos of whatever you decide to do and then next Valentine’s Day you can share them with your soulmate.  This is a wonderful way for you to “savor the waiting.”

I would love to hear from you so tell me what you do for you this Valentines Day.  Feel free to email me (and send photos if you have them!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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